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11-06-2018, 09:24 PM
Good day everyone. Over the course of the next few days I will be compiling all my thoughts and critique over the Mystic deck and how it has destroyed the balance of phone destroyer as well as comparisons and perhaps a theory as to how this all developed. You're welcomed to comment and add to my critique or even challenge it, so with out further adieu, let's start this.

The Mystic Deck was meant to be an energy focused themed play-style, the idea of slowing down plays and building up in order to rebound, it made it easy for novice players and helped the more experienced make interesting combos. However early in Phone Destroyers life-cycle the biggest problem with this theme was how it caused games to drag on and often leave it as a draw. Zen Cartmans were the primary factor in this as it had only 3 energy cost and a huge amount of HP, as time progressed I drifted away from mystic due to how it can not only slow down a game but also from how a player can drop a Zen Cartman after claiming one bar and have 'cheap defense' through out the rest of the match. I can only assume many other players felt this way as the Devs have hinted in the past on how Mystic was the least used theme in PvP, so in order for them to combat this problem they gave many buffs over the year to various Mystic cards in hopes to give it more appeal and speed up the play-style. This however was not the solution as many players I have discussed this with expressed disinterest of said theme mostly because of the low skill bar and placed Zen Cartman as the primary reason for it. Too many players lost to crummy plays and couldn't bounce back from Cartman walls, the combinations they made were either Energy Rod focused or the Manbearpig + Pope combo.

Despite the devs making the skill level of using Mystic even lower with all the buffs, the real issue of Mystic came after the Blanket buff a few months back were every card got an adjustment and the biggest winners were epics and legendary. I'm going to get into some of the meaty problems with each card in mystic so here we go.

The Epic assassins, Hermes's Kenny and Choir Boy Butters. Each of these two have an energy manipulation death wish and Butters even received a buff prior to the blanket buff, they were epics for a reason as extra energy after they die was incredibly useful when played smart. I don't believe they were ever meant to be the strongest assassins and have more power than their counterparts from Adventure but after the blanket update they are the definitive cards to use in their class due to how they not only have more HP and Attack than most other assassins, but how their death-wishes are even stronger now as a result.

Zen Cartman was the reason so many were turned off from Mystic in the first place, and while the devs have made it so you won't see the card a requirement in every deck now, it still is an overpowered card in relation to it's cost. Gaining an extensive amount of energy with the Mystic theme is even easier now than ever, to have Cartman still be so cheap in spite of all the buffs given is an insult to tactics when you can plop him down after getting one phone in and letting an assassin pick off your opponents counter wave.

Sexy Nun Randy is by far the poster child of "do it all" cards in PD. Tank levels of HP, high yet fast attack, plus the quick charged ability to spawn assassins close to the same level as a Choir Boy Butters, it's insane to deal with. I check to see how a Sexy Nun compares to Pocahontas and the Sexy Nun has a higher attack plus a faster summon animation. This Randy simply cover too many roles and that's why he is so often used with...

The Pope Timmy, this guy right! a previous buff made him cost only 6 and after the blanket update he has not only the craziest war-cry but also a good chunk of HP and Attack as well. Much like the Sexy Nun, this pope covers too many areas, he should be the weakest of the Timmy cards in terms of attack power but we'll get into that later. What really ticks a lot of people off about this card is how it's perhaps one of the only cards that punishes the progression of your opponent, to go through so many of your own cards taking down a monster opponent only to have to restart it again is the same reason why people hate Mercy from Overwatch.

Witch Doctor Token. The guy not only has the most HP out of any kid Legendary but his charge is much like The Rouge Tokens war-cry + it heals him even if the enemy has less HP than the amount he drains.

And finally the biggest offender is the Hallelujah. Another user went into great detail on why this card is so unfair and I'd like to retell it to the best of my ability. To compare with Fireball, it has a limited range and big punish factor if you miss the netting every enemy, it's level five power is 590 and costs 5 energy. Now Hallelujah has a range of the entire field and a short animation time. It's level 5 power heals 787 + boosts the max HP by 49.... and It COSTS 4!!!

Overall the skill ceiling is really low with Mystic to the point were the only tried and true counter to it is another Mystic. The decks people are making now have required cards needed in order to win and the amount of useless cards have grown immensely. I implore the people who mange this forum to read this and show it to the people in charge of balancing, I love South Park and I really want to enjoy playing and occasionally paying for this game in order to support good work but I haven't been having a lot of fun in recent months and the slow fixes are not helping.

I want to end with a theory as to how this whole problem began. Most would say it was the blanket update and how the devs did not put any effort into making thoughtful changes to each card and while that is a big problem... I believe it's only a symptom. You see the reason for that giant buff to epics was due to the speed in which commons and rares were leveling up in comparison to what the devs believed to be the more sought after cards. Now most commons are inferior despite having abilities that are really useful to skill based play. If RedLynx wanted to stop the PvP scene from being overtaken by commons then they should get rid of Donations and replace them with challenges/ tasks. Have daily weekly and monthly tasks that are specified for the player or the team to complete. Get 3 Nathans if you kill 20 assassins by Sunday or have your teams Marcus accumulate 2500 damage to the enemy tower by the months end to receive a Marcus card. This puts RedLynx in control to how many cards people are earning and stops people from 'Min-Maxing' commons or rares. Just a thought.

I hope some people found this helpful, it made me feel a bit better.

11-07-2018, 08:57 PM
This was a very interesting read. It obviously took a lot of time and I want to thank you for such a thoughtful breakdown of the theme and what you feel the issues are with it. I'll take this to the team, I'm sure they'll get something out of it! Will you continue to add to it? I don't want to send anything unless its been completed.

11-07-2018, 09:29 PM
I think this is good for now, I was probably going to add in more comparisons to the other themes like how Sci-fi spells are typically used on the users side and involve "counter" placement, while Adventure has spells with a strong focus on offensive and sometimes defensive placement. However that mostly involves the fact that the two primary healing spells cover the entire field and the Hallelujah section already covers that.

Please do send this to them as I think it can be a great insight into how ranked users play and feel towards the current meta.

11-07-2018, 09:58 PM
Can do! Thanks for letting me know!

11-10-2018, 01:48 AM
Mystic isn't the problem. It's spells and the occasional really high level epic or legendary that is the real problem. Spells should be limited greatly. Arrowstorm and hallelujah are gigantic energy net gains with no real counter besides maybe ypc. Zen is annoying but without the healing power of mystical he's not very strong by himself. As far as first priority goes on fixing mystical PT, hallelujah, and regen. Fix those and the only complaint you will hear is when people lose to balanced cards and just suck

11-14-2018, 12:14 PM
Change pope timmy. That is all

11-15-2018, 08:10 AM
Ok its Not a bad post. With many semi valid pts However your making far to much out of what mystic can do and I have a few counter points. I've spent a fair amount of time testing the various characters attack speeds and toe to toe comparisons to same type characters a whose the best test if you will. and while nun randy is the fastest of the randys for summon animation and his attack speed. The attack speed is dwarfed by a fair portion of other characters all the butters cards, all ike except Canadian knight ike and shaman token and sheriff cartman just to name a few. And his summon is garbage when pared head to head against Magic Randy. Plus his casting cost stings alot so you can make someone pay big for using 5 energy on a non tank.
As Far as the assassins go Kenny yeah he may be slightly broken Ill give you that I take advantage of it in my own deck. But butter come on his best part is his death wish boost because he directly effects the player energy's and its a tiny boost. But all the other butters can as while astronaut butter affecting your player turns you into raiden and thors love child for a few seconds.
Hallelujahs are only useful if played with flawless timing and collecting enough copies to even get them to heal more damage than a single assassins shot takes some serious investment. Arrow storm is easily as broken. Fireball if target correctly can make or break a game and it effects the player as well as all other spells except what set oh yeah mystic im unsure if the player even takes damage from unholy combustion splash when a card dies near him/her, but if it does I doubt its much effect .Power bind is probably the most balanced and interesting spells in the game also an easy cheap way to deal with randy Timmy token and carman(little hint).
Token I could go back and forth on I have one but unless you combo him with an attack booster he is not hard to wipe out fast if you play enforcer Jimmy or Hercules Clyde n lock him down he is nothing.
Now for Pope Timmy I have one maxed out at lvl 4 and he sux. I Dont even use him first off 6 casting cost is great if you can res the right card but if you fail and res anything less than a 4 cast cost its total garbage. Ill take any timmy other than pope Timmy I love my Mecca still pissed they nerfed him but catapult Timmy is a rat making monster and cannon ball Timmy if played right can change the tide by shooting down over half a tanks life. Or wiping out key characters and he is not a one shot like the pope the only Timmy without a charge power yet has the highest casting cost. See the balance there?
Zen cartman yes he is the tank or tanks if you cut the cannons off all the tanks....HE CAN'T ATTACK THAT'S WHY HE IS ALL LIFE! Its a big field man play around him and have you seen wizard cartman most broken charge ever granted he is a legend ok so Sheriff Cartman lets see the only tank whose charge can kill flying characters and a faster attack speed than most of the warriors in the game. So compare that to zen cartman attack speed.oh wait he dosen't have one.
The other thing you're not considering is the other cards. Ninju Kyle and Medusa Bebe we will leave out for argument's sake because they are legendaries but friar Jimmy slower movement and attack speed than any of the other Jimmys. Hercules Clyde far weaker attack than his counter parts and far less life his ability to lock a charge balances this out but its can be difficult to target the right charicter. Posidon Stan is really possibly the worst card in the game you can't even compare him to other stans. Angel Wendy is a very low life Wendy and her attack is garbage her charge power is good but she has the slowest charge speed of all the Wendys. Imp Tweak can be a a terrible curse and screw you badly if you play him wrong also kinda useless war cry when compared to the other tweaks and oh yeah higher casting cost plus butters is the only 2 cost character card in mystic when all other sets have at least 2. When you want to complain about an entire set look at it as a whole.(a fractured but whole) set.
The pvp reward system and weekly daily and monthly goal/rewards are an awesome idea. Sure tracking individual card stats like Nathan kills would take some server space They could make room by removing butters events that Dont work(all of them). Some people get a boost many do not if your going to adjust levels life and power totals at least make sure it works when someone transitions from regular pvp to a butters challenge.

11-16-2018, 09:39 PM
Wow Lord42Z3r0, you completely missed the mark.

You talk about cards that Noxide doesn't even mention meaning they are not what he considers unbalanced or overpowered. So disregarding that you also overlook the points being made on things like Zen Cartman being too cheap or comparing Nun Randy to cards that are not a randy, (the exception being the Amazingly Randy). Your Pope Timmy defense is really bad cause Noxide explains how he removes progress from the opponent and his power added to the revived unit is an issue. But your defense for Hallelujah is laughable, it's not as situational as you think and the adventure spells, (minus arrowstorm) do take more skill to use. You even said it yourself how a fireball can make or break a game, but that's a double edge sword as missing even one unit or playing it too soon can cost you dearly. The only thing I'll give you is the Butters card, I get that gaining energy through a death with is good but he has a set amount so it's not at bad as Kenny.

11-17-2018, 10:12 AM
Wasn't looking for a mark if you read carefully all those cards are covered and Im referring to mystic as a whole. I've read alot of rants regarding pt and nun randy. I currently have both of thosecards at higher levels and use neither though I play mostly Mystic. It was a general defense of the Mystic set and something to think about when ranting about this or any other set bucabuca each has their ups and down granted some more than others but if you rant because you constantly get pwned by a seemingly particular card or set try using it. Or consider that maybe your level 3 randy dosent have as many ranks as another level 3 randy and work to level. My entire defense is based of hundreds of hours of game play and note taking. IRL I roll like Timmy so its not as though I Dont have Time.