View Full Version : the absolute and unmitigated worthlessness of bots

11-06-2018, 04:16 AM
has anyone else been stuck on a game with two bots on your team? I just did 4 in a row due to people rage quitting. I have seen some incredible things while watching the bots. one of them was out of stamina yet still killing minions at b with heavy attacks for 15 sec at least probably more, others just mindlessly run for the zone while getting hit until they die while never putting up an iota of resistance, most of the time they just suck, and suck so hard that its essentially just feeding the opposite team.

How about this: in any game where average total rep is at least 40, there are only lvl 3 bots. only. anything lower than an average of 40 get lvl 2 bots, and lvl 1 bots get removed entirely because they are as worthless as it gets.