View Full Version : (XBONE, PS4) Ubi, We appreciate the cosmetic additions but please fix the game

11-05-2018, 04:29 PM
There has been a slew of issues for a very long time and instead of getting somewhat better they've only gotten worse:

The turtle meta has been alive and well for ages, conquerors and warlords just hunker down and block everything using their zone and 100% risk-free all block heavy counter.

Light spam meta has never been fun its always been terrible, using your combos to utterly destroy an orochi only to have them come back by light attacking faster than you can dodge out of or block winning the fight in the end.

Blocking fails so many more times than it should. There are many times where I would block one attack but couldn't block the follow up attack on a different side or sometimes even on the same side. This happens all the time facing the Wu Lin heroes and even when facing some of the older characters. The parry system is even off, again I'll go to parry an attack only to have the animation or a complete mistiming when I know I pressed it in the right window of time. Forget parrying light attacks, I can count on my fingers how many I've parried within the past few months and they were all complete luck in a gank situation. Same with CGB.

Revenge doesn't make any sense still;In a 1v1 playing dominion I cant tell you how many times my opponents gotten revenge while my bar isn't even half full. Ive seen 2v1 and 3v1 situations where one of the gankers got revenge. Its like some characters gain revenge quicker than others and its not constricted to what class a person plays.

The Wu Lin heroes hurt the health of the game; The JJ has a slew of easily spammed unblock-able finishers that are almost as fast as lights and paired with the blocking issue I mentioned earlier well you get the point. Its like Tiandi was added for the sole purpose of pissing people off; His kick has no offensive advantage other than ledging from a distance we should be safe from and his light attacks are ridiculous as well. Nuxia has probably the worst versatility in the game; most deaths by nuxias are from light attacks and they never involved the traps even once in a fight meaning only light spam. Shaolin has plenty of light attacks that again are missed due to the blocking issue, every fight starts with a kick from them and then dodging every attack with a dodge heavy like a faster version of a kensei. There's a difference between not doing well against a character because you're unfamiliar with them and getting outplayed vs not being able to do **** because blocking doesn't seem to work, getting kicked around is almost unavoidable and the chance to parry once in a blue moon.

I hate talking bad about this game and I hate complaining but I gotta be real Im just about done with this. Every time I play this game now it turns into a 30 minute to hour session of yelling at my tv. I used to love this game, my friends used to love this game; I have a friend now who went through 50 reps overall but gave up the game for good just yesterday because it feels like nothing has changed since even before the marching fire update. I don't know how many people will agree, I'm sure theres going to be a bunch of "get good" replies but this is how we felt about this. I've played more than 500 hours of this game and the enjoyment has finally been snuffed out. Ubi fix the game please.

11-05-2018, 11:52 PM
I understand that you'd rather see these issues addressed than more cosmetics added, but it's worth noting that the team working on cosmetics is not the same as the fight team or the online team, for example.

Things like the defensive meta and revenge are very much on the team's mind, as changes have been made specifically because of those issues. Light spam (especially pertaining to the Wu Lin) has definitely been an active topic on these forums recently, and we've made sure to emphasize this point to the devs. I've also been seeing threads about issues with attacks going through blocks/parries, and have made sure to forward these reports.

11-06-2018, 12:03 AM
I appreciate the response. Additionally, I was aware the design team is separate, I did not want to have an entirely negative post and I wanted to pay some congratulations where it was due. Just sucks that it has gotten to this point not a single one of my friends norIi really want to play this game because of the state its in. Anyway thanks again.