View Full Version : Through the Eyes of a Single-Player Gamer

11-04-2018, 05:39 PM
I said this on YouTube, but I'm posting it here as well for those who did not see it.

For Honor does a good job with multiplayer, but its single player content is pretty lackluster. The story mode is mediocre at best and the Arcade Mode seems to be barely any different from just smashing together the Duel and Brawl modes, while only adding modifiers to the mix to add some semblance of originality. The "Endless PVE" could have been way more interesting by having randomly generated single-player and co-op missions in a "Mission Mode" of sorts that plays out very similar to the story missions, involving things like raiding/defending forts/convoys/military camps, with the enemy hero bots composing of ONLY the heroes outside of one's respective faction with different objectives (including, but not limited to using/destroying catapults and capturing/securing supply areas), along with probably some horse-riding segments like what we see in the campaign for some cavalry segments, along with whatever other stuff would make it feel like you're going on important missions from your respective faction's higher-ups to further the war effort, but nope! We instead got more Fighting Game genre stuff and content far too similar to already-made modes that all go very far below my original expectations. I know that we have the “Breach Mode,” but it’s too similar to Dominion and what the developers did to the minions makes me really mad.

Since I despise our inability to control the difficulty of enemy and ally bots in multiplayer, the inability to kill minions with Conquerer-level chains with far more of those cool animations for all heroes when killing minions and NOT locked on to anyone (which they got rid of, which was a terrible decision), the inability to use executions on captains, and the over-all lack of fun and long-lasting single-player content, my experience with this game was fun and exciting at first and then became very repetitive and monotonous to the point of almost being boring at best and frustrating/stress-inducing at the worst. Just like when using firecrackers, For Honor was fun at first, but the fun ended too quickly for me. Unless they address these points, this is my farewell to For Honor.