View Full Version : Blocking/Prarrying feels off since marching fire patch ??!

11-04-2018, 01:38 AM
As the title suggests , blocking/parrying /deflecting all timings feels off somewhy , i'm getting hit while i'm blocking multiple times , hell even i'm getting hit after parry animation !! , also some punishes are being delayed for some weird reason ! ( ex : Warden's free top heavy after a scuccessful fully charged shoulder bash , it's being delayed so it doesn't connect ) , and i can assure you it's not a connection issue .. i have low ping ( 30 ish) , i saw this here and there at seperate times before marching fire , but sicne that update released i'm getting this daily in every single match .. so ?? does any 1 have the same problem ?? :confused:

edit: OH did i mention : i got GBed at light attacks many times ?? , yep in the middle of a LIGHT attack