View Full Version : Best way to deal with unhappiness while playing For Honor.

11-03-2018, 10:06 PM
I've played this game since launch. I've complained many times. I've watched many people attack others over their complaints and then literally complain themselves and threaten to leave. This game will never be balanced. It will continue to introduce broken mechanics and characters. I know that because history has shown it to be true and every major update has proven it. Unless you are willing to put in hundreds of hours of time learning the game; do not expect to be able to beat a large portion of the player-base especially in Dominion.

Step 1: Accept that For Honor has and always will be unbalanced in some way.

Step 2: Read strategies and practice as much as possible.

Step 3: After many hours of step 2, go back into Dominion and play.

Step 4: If you are still unhappy, practice more.

Step 5: If after many hours of playing you still find yourself unhappy, uninstall the game and move onto something more worth your time.

I accepted I'm not very good at FH. I'm unable to parry anywhere near what most others are able to do. I watch my lights get parried constantly. I'm unable to fight at anywhere near the level I'm matched against. I play maybe 30 minutes a day, if that. The reality is if this game makes you want to throw your computer out of a window; you're not alone. The simple truth is it will never be fixed enough to make you happy. Just like it won't ever be fixed enough to make me happy. The game has severe balance problems and every major update adds characters that are ridiculous. Centurion was the first. Shaman came later. Complaining on the forums does nothing and you simply fuel the "Leet" players to mock and degrade you. Ubisoft has shown that they intend to do what they want and couldn't care less what the vocal player-base wants. The complaints about massive imbalance in new characters has led to more unbalanced characters every time.

The bottom line is this. Don't waste your time and energy trying to change this game's direction. It won't happen. You'll simply be mocked for not being good. Every major patch ensures the game goes downhill. The only way you will be happy with the game is when you uninstall it and move on to something that you enjoy more.

I've started reading more and I'm in a class for MMA. Instead of fighting and beating imaginary characters up; go train to defend yourself in real life. I'd much rather be capable of defending myself and family IRL than emoting how awesome I am killing someone in a video game. The game isn't going to improve. Since day 1 it's gone downhill and every single thing added has made it worse.

That's just my 2 cents. You can always stay and be miserable too. There are too many good games out there that are enjoyable instead of beating your head against the desk over this game. The game's population has waned since day 1. New things are added and the population blows up for a bit and than goes back down again. I wish I could tell you the game will get much better and you will be happy with the gameplay. You likely won't though.

11-03-2018, 10:37 PM
I can PvP in 4 v 4 to a point and I don't even mind being ganked, but when I'm matched with a team that just want to gank and I find myself dying because my block/parry was interrupted by my own teammates hitting me in the back then I check out and play vs AI with matchmaking off. I don't bother with duels other than friendlies that don't net you rewards because I don't want to play Kensei all the time and the META for my other faves (Warden, LB) sucks and I find it boring.

I find my time in PvP the most annoying and it's usually my own team that drive me nuts for reasons I stated above. Playing 4 v 4's with and against bots is the most relaxing way to play, if not necessarily the most fun but at least it keeps my blood pressure down.