View Full Version : Ubi last pp 4u.Og beta. Stopped playing after excitement season 4 wore out. Came back

11-03-2018, 12:10 AM
Tile. I kept up a bit after season four, played average of maybe 1 hour a month until. 3 weeks ago.

Raider main HL 2 then zerk warlord every now and then

The game is better now for sure. Breach is awesome. I like the changes they made to some of the og heroes. I feel hero balance is the best it's been but maybe that's just because there are more.

Revenge still needs to be fixed. The whole point of this game is/was a video game versus of realistic sword combat. If am so pissed off and feel like going full super saiyan 4...revenge... I get knocked to the ground with my dane axe still in both hands, I'm busting out of a freaking hug or I'm parrying everything while I'm on my back then flying through the air like a ninja and taking names. Other than that 4v4 is good, haven't touched duel wanna learn how to fight against new heroes.

That being said

Arcade mode is pay only!!!! Are you ****ing serious!!! How much money do you need from us? The steel is already tough to come by so people will throw a couple bucks at a season pass, get them free of steel and hey we will let you play them early too! Said Ubi. But now you want me to pay you an additional 30$ to play a different game mode... **** you. I'd rather pay 60$ for for honor 2 that would be basically the same game. Don't close this either, I want to see how many other players feel the same