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11-02-2018, 03:43 PM
Good morning Everyone,
I have been playing the Weekly Quest a fair bit and have made a couple interesting discoveries about the game in the process. This is sort of a list of some of those discoveries and brief explanations of how I discovered them.

1. Overtime damage does count into the negative.
-In Phase 2 you get health per hit, I was bled for my remaining meter by the Shaman, I was able to land my zone and hit them both, but the health tthat came back was still under the effects of the bleed. Also noticed in Phase 1 while bleeding and having HP regen, but wasn't sure until Phase 2.

2. The AI is a close range Hivemind.
-The bots have way of communicating with each other so long as they are within a certain distance of each other. This is most noticeable in Phases 3 and 4 as the bots can easily 100-to-0 you if they are near each other, but can't even CGB if they get separated.

3. Gear Score Value matters a lot
-The recommended score is 162, being 1 point under the game will let you know at the character select that you will do much less damage. I tried with my 161 Warden and couldn't get past Phase 2 as the Shaman would regen too much compared to my damage output. My 171 Nobushi however could handle it Phases 1 and 2 easily and could deal nice damage in the other phases.

I would have to recommend doing the weekly with a teammate but you both need to be of a skill level as to handle a 1v2. With the inconsistencies in the defense system RNG will mess you up every so often which is annoying, but if you keep trying you can get it eventually.

A Brief Guide to the 11/1 Weekly Nightfal- er, Quest

Phase 1: If solo, handle it like a 1v1, if in a group, have the person the Shaman is not locked onto whack her, even if said player goes OOS

Phase 2: If solo, get the buff, whack the shaman with a zone if possible, parry the glad when it swings, it usually does heavies. Try to keep the Glad OOS while you fight the Shaman. In a group the person who will fight the Shaman gets the attack buff. The person fighting glad whittle it down to critical but don't kill. For the person fighting the Shaman, if you can get her far enough from the Glad you can usually get a GB, land a heavy or zone, and with some practice if you hit her as she stands up she can't block and will get sent flying.

Phase 3: If solo, wait at the right side of Spawn, Kill the Bleed Shaman as fast as possible and turtle against the other Shaman and Kensei, Kensei will usually feint the UB Top heavy into the strafe if you feint a parry attempt. If in a group, clear the edge minions as quick as possible and bash all of them off as quick as possible. You can do the solo approach as well, but a knockdown revenge Kensei is appropriately spoopy for the season.

Phase 4: If solo, wait at Spawn, whittle the Shamans down to half HP while moving the Shaman that is not bleeding, whittle it down to 1 and turtle as hard as possible. Once the bleeders die, kill the last one. If in a group, have a friend or be the person who stands slightly to the right of spawn, when the shamans begin to approach have the left person run to the right and the Shamans should both be agroed to the person who stayed. Person who runs 1v1s the non-bleeding Shaman, get her low, have your friend work the other Shamans down while turtling, be ready to kill the non-bleeder once the bleeders go down. If you're the person who stayed, be ready to target switch and turtle a lot, don't throw any attacks outside of revenge mode. Getting it to line up properly will take a bit of practice but s possible

11-03-2018, 12:03 AM
My issue is using a reflex guard on phase 3, in addition to the enemies barrage of attacks makes fighting them nearly impossible, at least for shinobi.

11-03-2018, 12:11 AM
Thank you for sharing this! This is very detailed and informative!

11-03-2018, 12:36 AM
The difficulty is too extreme. It is absurd actually. the opposite of fun. And its frustrating i paid for it. Its harder than when i stayed up until 2am beating megaman 2 with my buddy when i was 10. im too old for this.