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11-02-2018, 08:58 AM
After waiting for this day for so long i log in i get invited by a friend we do the weekly arcade in 15 mins then he says i need to do it alone it takes only 5-10 mins...

14 hours later i realize the shaolin monk has big block issues and its not just the reflex guard... im Rep 190 my main shaman and my shaolin is rep 19 but i think his health is not enough his guard is bugged or something and im on ps4 good luck blocking lights from two level 4 shamans and a kensei that kills me in 2 hits...

I won't talk how shaolin's max dmg is 30% of kensei even with revenge or how nobushi has a better mechanics and the feats are just useless teleport feat for a light that gives the opponent like 50% revenge meter.. OR HEAL FOR 10% ON BLOCK OR WITH CHI WHEN U BEARLY STAY ALIVE TO GET 30% HEAL AND OTHERS DO SECOND WIND AND U ARE RESPAWNING THE 4TH TIME

Back to the weekly right, i have some low level friends rep 3 that bought JJ and are winning 80% of their matches but still, u think they will be able to do the weekly arcade?! i dont know who runs your team that comes out with these ideas but u need to fire him ASAP, the game just had a brand new start this season please dont funk it up AGAIN.

if u need help with some ideas im always here to support the game and you should start with a vote option on dominion maybe i like my team why not keep it, or fix the map vote it doesn't work everytime or fix beachhead on attackers they have a little ladder all 4 won't make it to get the renown or if they team lose a fight they might not see their zone again from that side.

since u read my sh@# after 14 hours of weekly fails u might want to fix it the idea is give people exclusives since they paid not just a dream no assassins will achieve on ps4 alone, aw wait u have to do that for every hero at least 3 times a week? yes fire the guy with those ideas im goin to sleep i cant help u ruin milions of people's experiences with this wonderful game that u unbalanced for the console players that are 70% of ur playerbase and just because DATA was on pc and JJ is ok and nuxia is not that good and tiandi does some hulk sh@#...u guys need help fo real

11-02-2018, 03:07 PM
Gear Score actually does matter in the weekly, even a character 1 below the recommended will have a very hard time. You have to have Legendary Gear. I was curious and tried with my Rep 3 Nuxia, phase 1, got deflected and bled for my entire health meter. Your friend with a rep 3 JJ will most likely have a similar experience.