View Full Version : Do they even care?

11-02-2018, 05:50 AM
At this point, i think my last days in For Honor are coming soon, i go from loving the devs to hating them with a burning passion, they can do great things and then things that make not a lick of sense, and that final straw is Marching Fire.

I get we needed a new game mode, Dom sucked hardcore, and this new one is quite good, i like the whole idea and premise, it makes ganking less common and teamwork more critical but it's the other stuff they added that flatout ruined the balance, the only viable heavy left is Conq and he's broke beyond belief, Law Bringer is so bad that he's becoming a meme, Shgoki is getting nerfed for some reason unbeknownst to anyone but the Devs and the most annoying stuff that we all hated is becoming the new meta.

IE, Light spam and other cheese, because of the loss of gear that regens stamina and cuts down exhaustion, any hero that had heavies that ate stamina or get exausted quite often [IE law bringer] got nerfed so hard into the floor that it's a joke and the power vacum left is taken up by light spam because of the now stock stamina for everyone.

Even cent is vastly more frustrating to fight and his punish is vastly more devastating because of all this, if you get cought you are dead, you might as well just put down your controller and give up if you are playing a heavy because he drains all your stamina at once and can keep comboing you till you just run out of health because you never get out of exaustion, even though his attacks are easy to see and telegraphed, it's the fact he can virtually one combo hit people now that it's absurd

Ontop of this, High level dueling is a joke, characters that need reworks never seem to get them, the devs removed random things that had no effect like minion killing animations, they lock an entire mode behind a 20$ paywall, for a game that i paid 59.99 for at one point.

Ubisoft and the For honor devs are starting to remind me of EA more and more as time goes on.

In closing, thanks all you wonderful people for the years of playing, both on console and PC.....but it's time to hang up the coat that is for honor, till something changes that benefits game play, not deteriorates it.