View Full Version : Weekly Quest Reward Drops+Terrible Maps

11-02-2018, 04:09 AM
NOTE: not complaining about the difficulty or the modifyers.
The drop chances in the Weekly Quest is disgusting. People don't play it for Gear they play for the Effect which DROPS RANDOMLY on the reward screen. I can understand it being random on standard quests aka random quests but NOT the Weekly Quests which are balls to the wall hard af on Mission 3 and 4. I am considering not grinding for these effects seeing there random and I have the annoying possibility of getting nothing, oh by nothing I mean nothing the gear with terrible perks don't count as a "reward".

The maps for the Weekly Quests are terrible so far especially for the 3rd and 4th Missions. 1st and 2nd are fine.

3rd Mission
The issue is it being filled with the Skelly Minions and it forces you to fight in corners away from the Skellys but you lose HP in the process making it more annoying getting past them. You can't ledge the AI on the 3rd Mission the Skellys respawn if you kill to many of them so you'll end up ledge killing one and getting killed by the 2 AI and the Skellys. You'll even hit the walls more than the AI too seeing you have no choice but to fight in corners or tight spaces.
4th Mission
You've just filled it with Skellys making it almost impossible to fight them in the open areas forcing you yet again into corners or tight spaces which makes you hit the walls more than the AI.

Change it to a guaranteed effect for the hero you play each time it's completed PERIOD for all Weekly Quests.
Make better choices in the maps in other words make the AI my opponent and not the damn walls.