View Full Version : Simple suggestion for the light attack spam

11-01-2018, 10:43 PM
For ALL of the classes, if you are light attack hitting from the right, keep it at 400/500ms as normal, or left or top or whatever, but everytime you switch to a different side to attack from the previous one, add 100ms to the time because you are switching your posture to do the actual attack. For example

Left>400ms->left 400ms->left 400ms->left 400ms


Left>400ms->Top 500ms->left 500ms->right 500ms


Left 500ms->left 500ms->left 500ms->left 500ms


Left 500ms->right 600ms-> top 600ms->top 500ms

If you stay attacking the same side, keep it at 400 and 500 and whatever your class hits at for its respective light on that side, but if you switch to a different side the act of switching should slow it down 100ms, and if you switch and continue to attack that side it should speed back up....

11-01-2018, 11:49 PM
The designers don't want fast lights to be reactable, they have explicitly stated that some attacks are not supposed to be reacted to. Given their predilection for super fast light attacks it's fair to assume that these are what they're referring to.