View Full Version : My experience with the weekly quest (or why Ubisoft is responsible for my death)

11-01-2018, 09:30 PM
1. See it requires lvl 166 gear for a good match up.
2. Zero ****s given. Picked Tiandi with lvl 152 gear.
3. First mission: SKELLYES!!! OMFG THE SPOOOOOOKS!!! and a Shaman. Blew…
4. ***** parried everything, because “fun” in France is weird.
5. Killed her with good timing.
6. Congratulated myself. Hoped mamma is proud.
7. Second mission: Roman porn star boi with foot fetish and kinky schizophrenic cat lady.
8. Good modifiers on my side, and an attack buff.
9. Handed their asses over like no bodies business.
10. Third mission: Weeb boi and his neko pillows brought to life.
11. Saw the modifiers. “What the ****?”
12. Tried to kill them. Failed miserably.
13. Tried to ledge them. Failed miserably.
14. Repeated 12 and 13 for about an hour.
15. Looked up in my dictionary the definition of “fun”, “challenge” and “sadism”, just to be sure it’s not me who’s got something wrong in the head.
16. Contemplated seppuku.
17. Gave up.
18. Went to the hero personalization menu to see the new effect. “Maybe it’s not worth it”.
19. Realized I need it in my life. Or at least on my mains.
20. Tried again until I reached the third mission.
21. Repeated step 13 until I managed to pull it out because luck, baby.
22. “**** can’t get any worse”.
23. **** got worse.
24. Fourth mission: 3 kinky schizophrenic cat ladies that are literally too angry to die.
25. Can’t ledge them. Forced to git gud (or so told me Roman to).
26. Eventually killed them all with a zone attack.
27. Win!
28. Got diagnosed with PTSD and chronic alcoholism. Still worth for the effects, right?
29. Rewards: Gear and Tiadi’s effect. “**** YEAH!”
30. Realized it’s only the idle effect.
31. Realized I ought to repeat this sorry excuse of content to get what I desire.
32. Puked my lunch out of agony.
33. Repeated the quest because it ****ed my so hard I ended up loving it.
34. Win!
35. Reward: Only gear…
36. “Better luck next time… hopefully…”
37. Repeated the quest.
38. Reward: Only gear…
39. ???
40. Drank bleach.
41. Asked Saint Peter to lend me a computer with WiFi while I wait in line.
42. Wrote this.

Uncle Ubisoft… y tho?

11-02-2018, 01:24 AM
Hahahaha at least it didn't kill your sense of humor ^^

11-02-2018, 01:35 AM
You need to do therapy

11-02-2018, 02:58 AM
Way ahead of you, bruh hahahaha... hahaha.... ha... =,(

11-02-2018, 05:00 AM
All I gotta say about this "Arcade Quest" is LMFAO go go cash grab. Bad enough they want $30 for 1 bundle for 1 hero but they make it so if your not a fairly good player you will get nothing from the quest. I was debating on dropping extra money on the game, apart from buying the gold version and the new Xpac/DLCthat I did, but making it this obvious what there goal is just pushed me right away from that. No way in hell am I gonna pay $30 more just to look good on a single hero because I'm not good enough to get it from a broke arse quest.