View Full Version : What’s the best team jump to crush your enemies?

11-01-2018, 02:56 PM
Hey Folks,

New week, new cards! Time for us to share with you some information on your Team Leader, Mario, and the Eggsploder, Yoshi. These two heroes are real team players: they rely on their teammates to help them perform a team jump, a special move allowing them to crush the enemies on the battlefield.

We have gathered some information on how you have played these characters in the past year; get a look at the cards below to find out!



Mario’s Stomp Jump and Yoshi’s Ground Pound are powerful moves that can help you clean vast areas of the battlefield. However, if you decide to go with a crushing team jump, you might want to make sure there will be no foe nearby after you land. Otherwise, it could get pretty dirty for your hero... In this case, you can still count on Mario’s hammer to get you out of this: when you use his secondary weapon, it can inflict an average of 429 damage per hit.

On the other side, Yoshi can activate his Super Chance, a technique which can trigger the super effects of your teammates’ weapons. The green party crasher gives the rest of your team a boost for them to shine on the battlefield just as much as he does!

Of course, you can have the two of them in your team. But when it comes to team jump, which one would you rather use? Which move is the most powerful according to you?