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11-01-2018, 06:32 AM
Why does it seem like her stamina pool is so low? Either that or the cost of everything she does is sky high 2 or 3 moves and bam out of stamina get parried once and 75% of stamina gone...her stamina pool needs to be more or the cost of her moves reduced...

11-01-2018, 10:56 AM
As a fellow Nuxia supporter I must rebuke your claim. It would seem most heroes have 100 stamina and the rates are fixed on attacks, blocks, parries...etc. Now Nuxia is no exception, but you have to understand the system. Lights are really cheap, until they are blocked, that's around 22 stam right there for 1 attack. Heavies are around 30 if blocked. Parries on heavies are 72 I believe, and lights are 56ish? But this isn't exclusive to Nuxia, it's universal to all characters, who have the same initial cost for a move. Now you also lose quite a bit of stamina for missing, but not as much if you get blocked or parried. Traps cost more stamina than a heavy and even more if you miss. Her zone is actually pretty cheap (42) compared to aramusha (60), but aramusha's zone is special; it never cost a dime more if it whiffs or gets parried. Considering all that and the fact that you can throw a chain of three hits, any combo you do will put you well into 50-40% zone of your stamina bar and that's if it went well. So your solution is to take turns with the opponent. Throw your combo, defend, throw another combo, defend...etc. Also, you may not like it, but you better be using those lights more than those heavies (traps), it's cost effective and does good damage. After the removal of gear stats, alot of players are realizing the disparity of stamina and the importance of taking your time and not letting it rip. Fun fact, Nuxia might be one of the only characters who can kill any hero on one bar of stamina in one whole combo, (traps included of course) The comeback is very real if you can push the enemy oos.

11-01-2018, 11:39 AM
Freeze talking about stamina and other stuff