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10-31-2018, 08:33 PM
What are your top five and bottom five heroes by coolness factor(whether it's by fun to play, moves or aesthetics)? This is supposed to be fun not a nerf/buff shouting match.

1 Warlord. This guy is just a pure badass in all ways. He's my personal main and just overall cool in looks and fighting style.
2 Lawbringer. A tower of metal that is pure intimidation. I think the LB is pretty fun to play in general.
3 Raider and Zerker tie. Axes are awesome.
4 Conq. This guy fights with pure swag, my only knock on him is that he's not a viking.
5 Kensei. He's a blast to play and his combat animations are amazing. I have a love/hate relationship with his armors, some are sweet others are annoying.

Bottom 5 by most to least hated.

1 Shaman. Seriously shut up and get out of here with your little kid weapons.
2 Shinobi. Ultimate troll, run away pajama b!@#h. This guy is really annoying to fight.
3 Tiandi. The extended dodge animation looks like it could've been in a viral video of a kung fu nerd just about to get his face pummled by a real fighter. Also shut up.
4 Guan Yu. Simply because he looks like guan yu. Stupid design for a team that could've put some effort into having a unique chinese hero not a tired dynasty warrior.
5 Orochi. I think he looks cool but I hate his kit and I hate most people that main him.

10-31-2018, 08:43 PM
Top 5:
---------------Warden (Blame sb but.. just dodge :rolleyes: )
---------------Zerker (hes hella fast zoooom the flash poof)
---------------Kensei (this mans baits r insane also he is lord kensei)
---------------Nobushi ( never played her but i always send msges to nobushi users :D )
---------------Warlord ( cuz he spams da headbutttt )

Worst 5:
--------------Centurion ( u suck kid spam noob)
--------------Raider (lol is raider still a character in for honor)
--------------Naruto ( keep running moron)
--------------orochi ( ill spam ur nan)

10-31-2018, 08:48 PM
ok ok

Top 5
1. Conq/Warden Tie. Conqs theme overall is cool with the flail wrapped around his wrist. Warden pure awesome with battered helm and the way he holds his long sword (hes reason i started playing)
2. LB - Same as OP. pure tower of force. in real life he would flat out destroy every other hero. i mean you cant fight that...His impale execution would very much happen.
3. HL - I mean that sword...tell me in real life seeing a guy like that coming at you in offensive stance wouldnt make you run
4. Raider - Awesome. accept his attitude in game kinda bothers me.
5. Hmmm. Hmmm. Warlord/Glad

1. Aramusha - like really? soo damn annoying to fight.
2. Orochi - Just too stereotypical for me.
3. Shinobi - Same as OP. pajama party.
4. Femal Tiandi...that yell....no.
5. I dunno. any other samurai

10-31-2018, 09:12 PM
Top 5.

Highlander. He'll stick that big ol' sword right up your Dunmaglass.
Warden. Because Knights are awesome.
Raider. The axe. The voice.
Lawbringer, though most of his helms are poor imo.
Shaolin. Because WATAAAAAHHHH!

Bottom 5.

Shinobi. Looks like a coward, fights like a coward.
Shaman. Hideous flesh eater with the most annoying voice in the game.
Conq. Those hats. Don't know if I should wear them or take a dump in them.
Gladiator. Get out of here with your fish fork.
Centurion. Should borrow Glad's fish fork to go with his fish knife.

10-31-2018, 10:05 PM
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on your top 5 and bottom 5 heroes. Feel free to continue sharing your thoughts on your top 5 and bottom 5 and why! :)

11-01-2018, 03:28 AM
Thx for killing my thread ubi.... ;)

11-01-2018, 04:02 AM
Heh, oh this is going to be a fun one.

Top 5

1. Centurion: Look, just call me angry, but his combo has the same level of anger that I have pent up in regards to light spammers. There is just something appealing about whipping it off on an Orochi or Shinobi to demonstrate to them just how much you hate their class, beautifully animated in a harsh beat down.

2. Tiandi: So this one has become my newest main. My main motivation to buy them was I liked how they looked, liked the weapon and thought the playstyle looked neat. I would personally prefer a few extra tools to make them less flighty, but it's a fun class overall.

3. Shaman: Lets be real here, she is very clearly the For Honor yandere. You've probably seen those good Shaman players just around a corner, stalking you. They are also fun to fight against now that I have learned to fight them.

4. Highlander: Not going to lie, the meme for his new execute in "THIS IS SCOTLAND!" made me laugh too hard. Other than that, I love fighting against them even if I don't always win. When they win, it feels like they beat you fair and square, not with cheese.

5. Zerker: Beyblade let 'er rip baby. But seriously, it's quite entertaining to play as berserker sometimes. Their executes also matches the nastiness I feel towards lightspammers.

Bottom 5

1. Orochi/Shinobi: The scum of the For Honor world get to share the top spot. Light spamming, all those who main them are toxic, the ones are your team 9 out of 10 times are hot garbage, the ones on the enemy team spam light and only ever gank. A no skill class and anyone who plays them should recieve capital punishment from Ubisoft.

2. Valk: You have 1 combo that you use and you spam shieldbash. You are literally the combination of everything everyone in this game hates and you should feel bad about it.

3. Big JJ: You are essentially the most vicious ganker in team fights now. I hate you Chinese grandpa, you're a bad person.

4. Conqueror: Yes, you are one of the characters I enjoyed playing. But I've moved on to Centurion, and I hate people who spam shield bash now.

5. Peacekeeper: This one is more of a personal one for me. I don't hate the class, but i hate how literally every match, a PK on the enemy team comes out of gosh dang no where and ganks me.

11-01-2018, 06:11 AM
I'm just going on appearance
1. Conquerer
2. Lawbringer
3. Peacekeeper/centurion
4. Valkyrie
5. Shamon
Worst looking
1. Shugoki....too fat and stupid looking (I love playing him even though)
2. Shinobi....he is a tiny imp of a person who runs away like an idiot.
3. Warlord...looks like a dwarf
4. Kensie....dresses like a dbag who thinks he is pimping
5. Highlander... I hate how he carries his sword....like its an antenna to a 📻 he's taking with him to every fight.

11-01-2018, 07:04 AM
Based on personal preferences alone?
1. Conqueror - When they released the video describing Conqueror as this prisoner released onto the battlefield to fight for their freedom, the concept just screamed excessive pragmatic brutality to me and I was 100% on board. I've always played him as a defensive counter attacker, letting that fully charged heavy get the superior block on startup off for a guaranteed tactical nuke of a hit. I was actually really sad when they took that away in favor of a more shield bash spam oriented kit, but he's still my main.
2. Lawbringer - An 8 foot tall giant in juggernaut armor wielding the most versatile melee weapon invented by man? You had my attention, now you have my erection. Learning lawbringer forced me to get a lot better at parrying and I find his defensive playstyle fun at times, especially when you've clearly surprised someone by being really aggressive as a defensive character.
3. Warden - Prior to his rework, this was a character that I felt required a lot of technical knowledge about the game to be able to use effectively. Even after the rework I really like his playstyle, though it could use tweaking, and play him pretty frequently. Also, DEUS VULT, INFIDEL!
4. Valkyrie - So, viking lore aside, what got me here was the fact that she used a Short Spear and a smaller shield. I'm not a fan of the light spam portion of her kit, but most of the rest of it is an absolute joy to use to play cat and mouse games with people with.
5. Nobushi - So back when the beta first dropped, I picked her up because I saw she used a Naginata, which is a polearm weapon I don't really see a whole lot of non-japanese games going for, and fell in love with her playstyle of keeping my distance and using hidden stance to fake out certain attacks. She's still my go to samurai character for those pesky samurai orders, but she could use some love.

1. Shinobi - While I was initially incredibly excited about a ninja character, let alone one using Kusarigama, it wasn't what I was hoping for and he turned out to be an easily punished ultra squish.
2. Shugoki - I just find this character incredibly difficult to play effectively and I find his kit incredibly lacking.
3. Aramusha - While he's cool in concept and aesthetics, I find him too much of a one trick pony to have fun playing.
4. Warlord - While he's definitely playable, the infamous Ledgelord's kit is far too basic and needs more sustenance to it. Plus his new face reveal helmets make him look like a stoned dwarven king.
5. Raider - Oh would you look at that, someone who managed to learn a difficult character. I'd be more sportsman about it if you'd stopped bopping my bologna. Cancel the zone into the top light 99% of the time, and even on the one time you don't the guard system laughs at me and just lets me eat the damage anyway. Nothing against you, but I have a deep loathing for Raider for the sheer amount of times I've died to these shenanigans

11-01-2018, 09:29 AM
Keep in mind this is in consideration my list is in relation to my experience playing these characters, not competing against them. I almost exclusively duel.

1) Shinobi. Just a ton of fun all around to play as. The mobility, the speed, and the combinations all feel really rewarding when paired together. I think his kit flows together well.

2) Shaolin. Another character that has a great flow to his kit. I feel like I can use anything in his arsenal and am never limited to being a one trick pony.

3) Nuxia. I'm aware she's a light spam magnet, but I think conceptually her traps is an innovative way to deal with turtles.

4) Nobushi. This is the character that really made me want to try the game. I love spears and distance games and just poking guys. I wish her kit were a little more rewarding for duels, but it's just so much fun when you manage to excel with her.

5) Valkyrie. I wish her kit had a bit more diversity to it, but I do enjoy the animations and fluidity of her.

Least favorite to play as:

1) Highlander. I just find him to be very difficult to play at my skill level and struggle to ever feel an ounce of efficacy with him. Very slow, very sluggish.

2) Orochi. Typically I enjoy fast characters, but I find playing with him is a bit boring given the limited nature of his kit.,

3) Centurion. Really thought I'd love him, but he's just too much of a one trick pony. Constantly attempting to get the same combination just doesn't feel good.

4) Conq. I enjoy winning and that's what happens when you play the conq, but the play style used to excel with him isn't rewarding.

5) Shugoki. I just feel so limited playing in duels as him.

11-01-2018, 02:34 PM
Top 5
1. Lawbringer.
Nobody escapes the law. It's pretty awesome being Judge Dredd in plate armor with a Halberd.
He's not viable in any stretch but damn is he fun to play.
2. Centurion
Killing heathens one dominion at a time.
Variable timed heavies, kicks, punches, this guy feels at home in a game of Street fighter lol
3. Raider
My knee ---------> Your face.
4. Shaman
For Honor's resident psycho ex-girlfriend.
It's always fun to go nuts.
5. Shugoki.
I don't always win a duel, but when I do, my opponent lowers the world salt price.
No, seriously.

Bottom 5.
1. Tiandi
2. Nuxia.
Might as well go fishing for actual fish instead of traps.
I get the mechanic was supposed to be new......but good lord it's so easy to counter.
3. Warlord
For Honor's version of Halo's LASO (Legendary All Skulls On, the hardest difficulty).
4. Orochi
Playing this feels unfair. backstep light or left, right, up light spam is pretty cheesy.
5. Kensei.
Wayyyyyy too many options. This guy has more combos than a McDonalds menu.

11-01-2018, 03:01 PM
My favourites:

1. Peacekeeper. I always liked the lore behind her, and how well trained they must be to compete with bigger opponents equipped with better weapons. The face reveal made her apparaence good too, thank you for doing that, I asked for it for a long time. Her playstyle is rewarding because you can figure it out yourself: there are not much pks on youtube nor in match making, and most of them does nothing, but zones, throws lights and maybe feints while dodging around. Since she is possibly the weakest character now, and 99% of players use her the same way, it feels rewarding when you defeat someone with self-made mixups.

2. Lawbringer. I must be a masochist, because he is my second main. I like to be the offensive player in duels, but lawbringer is still fun because when I finally counter something, I get big reward, and people are surprised when he actually starts to be offensive (his kit, just like pk's, needs major updates though). I won't go into details about the apparaence, the voice, the lore, I don't have to. The word "perfect" describes it quite well.

3. Warden and Conqueror. I really like both characters' apparaence, I pull them out when I am tired of losing, and they are much easier to win with, even if you don't utilize their signature strategies. Hard to tell which one is the stronger, but both have mechanics that rewards your skill even more for practicing with pk and lb, warden has the exact same mixups as pk with better results, and conq is very good even without the shieldbash if you learn to read for punishes as lawbringer (since he has more counter options). What I don't like in them is how easy it can be to win against low level classes with them.

4. Gladiator. He is probably the best designed character if we only consider the fighting style. If you don't spam zones exclusively, you can be defeated even by the weakest classes, while you can defeat the strongest ones with your tools if your mixups are good enough. I don't like how he looks, at least the male gladiator, the skewer needs buffs, the zone needs nerfs, but he is really fun to play.

5. It will probably be nuxia if I can unlock her or finally find one in duels, but for now, raider. I hate the stampade charge, and I don't like the fact that he is naked, but he is an otherwise well though of, but forgotten character. I rarely play him, but I have great respect for everyone who mastered him, watching a master raider fight is like watching art.

Least favourites:

1. Berserker. I understand that conquerors are stronger than them, but I still hate them the most- I used to like watching them when they were underpowered, back when it took some skill to be good with them. Now, it takes nothing, you can just feint the hell out of everything, and the opponent has literally no other options to stop berserkers but to counter them, since they have hyperarmor on their stupid 400ms lights. On top of that, they have the best parry punishes in the game, their stupid spinning zone is guaranteed on heavy parries, which means that this class is actually the best turtle class among assassins. I also dislike everything about their apparaence, especially about the male berserker's. And along warlord and raider, the most salty opponents I faced used this hero.

2. Centurion. The only positive thing for me in him is the cape. That's it. I dislike everything else about him: how boring he is to fight as and against, how broken the wall punish is, how broken he was before he was nerfed into one of the worst characters, how idiotic his voicelines and gestures are, how he just steps back after he pinned the opponent into the ground instead of killing him, how all of them are turtles (since they got no mixups). I almost left the knights and became a viking when he was added. And I actually like romans.

3. Shaman. I don't care what anyone says, she is still broken, and an upgraded version of my favourite hero with ridiculous amounts of additional tools added, and all her elegance and intelligence removed in return. The shaman can look good, but her voice lines make her sound like someone who was left out on the Sun for a really long time, and her emotes (eating money, stabbing herself on the leg with a knife) reinforce the fact that her intelligence is on animal level, not human level. Fighting her is at least anything but boring.

4. Shinobi. I don't know any shinobi player, but judging from his playstyle, he was made for cowards. Fighting him is also very boring, and I dislike everything in his apparaence, emotes and voice lines. The only thing that makes her better than the shaman is the lack of unfair mechanics.

5. New Orochi, but only half of them, the half that only spams light attacks. I can deal with them, but it is not fun at all to defeat them, they do the same thing regardless of what you try to make them read. I consider the other half decent players with interesting mixups, and the orochi is almost as weak as the peacekeeper, so fighting actually good ones is mostly fun. He also looks good, althought I am not really into japanese armor and weapons. His/her voice lines, emotes and executions are badass, and I really love some attack animations of the orochi.

11-01-2018, 03:23 PM
Top 5

1. Nobushi: She was the first hero i picked up. I like her fighting style and her looks. And the excecutions...aww so nice. Sadly she isn't in a good state of balance and experienced a lot of stealth nerfs without compansation.

2. Kensei: With a really nice moveset and some cool armors and weapon sets he makes a lot of fun to play.

3. Shaman: I have a weird knack for crazy female characters. So obviously she makes it in the top 5 list :D Besides that she is fun to play as and can make some nice mixups.

4. Nuxia: First i picked up during TTS and Public Test. I really like the hook blades and her speed.

5. Valkyr: I am a fan of her use of the spear and shield. Haven't played her too much tho. Also most of her helmet options aren't that nice looking to me. Still she makes it to top 5 for me.

Honorable Mentions:
Warden, Lawbringer...awesome looks. Makes me wanna grind them to get some cool looking gear.

Bottom 5

1. Highlander: just not my playstyle at all.

2. Shugoki: boring to play

3. Warlord: like Shugoki, one dimensional play style

4. Aramusha: dunno, didn't catch me yet

5. Berzerker: I don't like the Berzeker theme in general

11-01-2018, 04:13 PM
Top 5 - most fun to play as:
1 - Berserker (Not the feint into light abuser) - An aggressive dude with an axe in each hand? Yes please. I try to introduce a different playstyle than the heavy feint into light style. That thing is a disgrace. I confess, occasionally I use it too, but I try to avoid it as much as possible.
2 - Valkyrie - Good mix-ups and a lot of defensive options to screw with opponents head. Block on light startup, good deflect, just to name a few.
3 - Tiandi - Simple on paper, but a lot of options not apparent at the first sight. Only two hit combos? Nope, you just haven't discovered it all.
4 - Highlander - Scottish dude with a huge sword. Difficult to master, but very satisfying when things work out.
5 - Conqueror - Stick 'em with the sharp... that thing doesn't have a sharp end. Ok, just.. smash them with the big heavy spiked ball, I guess.

Worst 5 to play against:
1 - Centurion - You need great effort to deal damage to them, but make one small mistake and half of your health pool and all your stamina is suddenly gone.
2 - Berserker (The heavy feint into light abuser) - No way to engage, they will just dodge light into heavy feint into light into heavy feint into light... repeat. The only way to trick them is to heavy feint and parry the dodge light. But they will not do it the second time.
3 - Shinobi - Again, no way to engage, they will just keep running away. You just have to wait what they do. 99% of the time their strategy is to keep at range, double dodge, kick, heavy, somersault away, repeat.
4 - Peacekeeper and Glad - Same as Feint abusing berserker, only without the hyper armor.
5 - Lawbringer - Block, shove, light, repeat.