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10-31-2018, 05:09 AM
Hey guys,

Iím a new player, just picked up Marching Fire about two weeks ago.
Iím really enjoying the game and still getting into a lot of the content and mechanics.
Faction war looks interesting and I also catch myself enjoying the mini game as an extension of the 4x4s.
I spent some time trying to figure how it roughly works and calculates and how Ubi might make it more interesting going forward.
Now that campaign 2 started I get to see a first round. With 4 hours to go on the first round, I can see Vikings in with 17M assets on foreign soil, followed by Knights with about 6M. Last is Samurai with about 1M.
It mentions that distribution of war assets is about the same between factions.
If all things are equal, it would mean that about 3x the amount of Vikings vs Knights are either the active player base or 3x the amount of Vikings focus on consciously placing their assets after games. Does that sound about right?
The other thing Iím also not sure I get is if I look at the Knights troop distribution: 5M out of 6M are on one field. Something that probably wonít help them win.
I noticed the same last round with Knights having 50M troops on one field with many others barely covered.
Iíd have to guess that thereís a guild or something somewhere that is coordinating all their troops into one place.
It would be interesting to here what you guys think how groups are devising their strategies and coordinating their attacks.

Just curious - thanks. :)

10-31-2018, 06:05 AM
There's this Flag function to pour in all your troops IF you don't allocate them manually. This zone with 50M troops of the knights was probably the result of this.
If there's a faction with something suspiciously like strategies at best, foul play at worst, crap calculation in the middle, is the Vikings. The rest of us probably don't want to bother with this fishy FW.
The Guild you mentioned, you won't find it here. Here, there is only salt.
As for assets calculation, i don't truly comprehend it. maybe some people like Candle or Raime can help u out.

10-31-2018, 06:55 AM
Frankly all you really need to know about the Faction War is that its a nice idea that unfortunately doesn't work.