View Full Version : [BUG] Auto-Revive [Video]

10-31-2018, 04:58 AM
This is very strange, I've seen this happen a few times.

When a newly revived enemy is killed quickly, they get re-revived automatically.
I've done a replay in slow motion to show what's happened.

After the replay there's not much to see, except for the fact that the other guy who was a sniper was across the map and in no way could he have revived the player.


Please pass to devs.

10-31-2018, 12:55 PM
Moving this to the technical forums so that support can get visibility on this and report it. Thanks for letting us know mezzatron!

10-31-2018, 09:07 PM
I've reported this and Fastastoast's video to the team.

The assumed reproduction steps are as follows:

Enemy 1 is downed
Enemy 2 revives Enemy 1
During the animation where Enemy 1 stands up he is killed
He dies for a moment and the player gets points for a kill
Enemy 1 instantly revives

Does this sound correct? If not, please let me know.