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10-30-2018, 09:36 PM
Hello everyone,

We're celebrating For Honor: Return of the Otherworld with a new spine-chilling contest for you, with some not-so-spoopy prizes up for grabs! Grab your blade, and carve out your best For Honor themed Pumpkin for your chance to win an exclusive For Honor Halloween pin (perfect for making your jacket or backpack snazzy AND spooky).

Contest Timeline

Entry Period: October 25th 2018 Starting at 4PM PDT
Conclusion Period: November 8th 2018 Ending at 3am PDT.
Winners Selection: November 29th 2018
Winners Announced: November 30th 2018

Contest Entry Summary:

Please make sure to Read the Official Rules HERE (http://static2.ubi.com/comdevs/Contest.pdf)

Entries must be For Honor or For Honor: Return of the Otherworld related in order to be qualified to win.

In order to qualify, you need to enter the Competition by:

Submitting your For Honor Pumpkin Carving photo to the e-mail address [ForHonorContests@ubisoft.com](mailto:ForHonorContests@ubisoft.com)
Subject line to be : For Honor: Return of the Otherworld Pumpkin Carving Contest Entry
Eligibility Guidelines summary: Please make sure to read the official rules, HERE (http://static2.ubi.com/comdevs/Contest.pdf)

In order to be qualified to enter the contest, your submission must meet the following criteria. If it does not, your entry will be considered ineligible.

We also invite you to share your pumpkin carvings right here by replying to this thread or posting over in Community Creations (https://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/1433-Community-Creations), but remember, you'll need to submit via email [ForHonorContests@ubisoft.com] for a chance to win.

We'll be picking winners based on creativity and originality! Each winner will receive 1 exclusive For Honor Halloween themed pin. Best of luck Warriors! We cannot wait to see all your entries! If you have further questions, please check HERE (https://forhonor.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/news-community/152-338547-16/for-honor-return-of-the-otherworld-community-contest) for more details.


11-01-2018, 08:41 AM
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