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10-30-2018, 07:10 PM
I don't know any Just dance but I'm about to buy one for my daughter, now here is my problem : I don't have anything that would connect to the game. No camera, no mobile phone (7years old) and only dual shock.

What would be the best devices she could use for this game? I've read that the camera is pretty finicky and I haven't read anything about the "move" (?).

What would you suggest me to get for her?

Thank you!


10-30-2018, 08:41 PM
At her age, she will have the best Just Dance experience (if she will be using PS4) using a PS Move controller (which is used in conjunction with the camera).

If using the camera alone (without PS Move), if she isn't yet at full height, her size may affect her experience. Using the PS4 camera by itself also requires dancing well with your entire body. Starting out, it's simpler to use the PS Move controller so that you can focus mostly on your right hand (though to hit perfect scores on all dances, the whole body does factor into the scoring). If she enjoys Just Dance for years, sometime in the future she might experiment with the PS4 camera. In Just Dance 2019, the first time you use the camera alone, there are a few instructions for how to get the most out of it (but it would be wise to research this online first).

My daughter prefers dancing with a remote (that's the experience that the PS Move controller offers). Among the various ways to dance with a remote across the different platforms, what I like about the PS4 Move controller is that your grip is much more natural (compared to using a phone, Wii U remote, or Switch joy-con). Unlike my daughter, I prefer dancing hands-free with the camera, but I wouldn't recommend this starting out, especially for a child.

I hope your daughter enjoys dancing to the game.

10-31-2018, 12:42 PM
greekphysics I think this sums up pretty well what I would suggest too.

The camera can have difficulties registering young children so the remote is probably your best bet for your daughter :)

We'd love to hear how she's enjoyed her Just Dancing experience!