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To save your time and make it easier to grind experience, I hope these tips will help you get more money and learn what to spend your valuable skill points or how to make the most difficult missions more bearable.

Combat Guide in Assassin's Creed: Origins
https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/hsPG4_soO_dkxJ0lJZoR8I9sigg=/0x0:3840x2160/1200x800/filters:focal(2869x551:3483x1165)/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/56869937/assassins_creed_origins_bayek_camelback_pyramids_3 840.1506530639.jpg
In the combats, keep your distance, load heavy attack and then attack with light as much as you can before backing out and repeating the process.
You can play and overcome the main ones as long as you are two levels below the recommended one. With less, your weapons will hardly hurt and any blow can kill you.
When attacking strong enemies, focus first on placing traps in the braziers. So, if they discover you, in addition to not being able to call allies, the explosion will get rid of some enemy, maybe even some of the most powerful.
When you face several enemies, divide and conquer. Running will make the fastest follow you and the slowest ones will stay behind, allowing you to dispatch them more easily.
Take advantage of distractions, either by releasing slaves, animals in captivity or creating fires. On more than one occasion, I have surpassed a mission without disheveled because the soldiers were occupied with other dangers.
Spend a little time flying over each mission with Senu. It is better to scrutinize the area well to meet an enemy that you did not know was there and throw the whole strategy to lose.
If there are wild animals near a mission, have them follow you, in many occasions a big stampede of hippos can save you when cleaning bases with more powerful enemies. In addition, then you can take advantage to get the resources released by everyone who dies at quizletlive (http://quizlets.live/). Fire is your best ally. Take advantage of red vessels to create large fires and, in addition to harming enemies, even some of them may end up dying.

Dominating the Exploration
Instead of going in search of all the synchronization zones (the old watchtowers), try to create a wide enough network to avoid unnecessary rides after the endgame.
Senu's vision is already very acceptable with only half of the synchronizations, so do not worry about going all out to improve your eagle.
Senu will always be your great ally, whether to mark enemies and find chests, but also to find secret entries or objects of interest such as braziers and assault crossbows.
A good way to get skill points is by finding tombs with tablets. Stand up to explore them whenever you can.
Constantly use the sonar of your eagle eye. It is the easiest way to mine money and treasures little by little.
Do not be afraid to jump into the water to cross an area. The animals are easy to dodge and leave behind and, in addition, the nearby boats will come to help you. In the end it ends up being faster than looking for a nearby boat.
The automatic journey of the horse only follows paths, so controlling it cross-country or climbing mountains can get much faster to the sites.

Money, Weapons, Crafting And Materials
Do not dismantle weapons to get materials; selling them in stores is much more advisable because money is scarce.
Dedicate time between mission and mission to get materials to improve your team, especially attack strength and damage with the killer blade.
The best weapons and accessories arrive from the main missions, so do not obsess about finding hidden tombs or doing secondary ones.
Do not spend money to improve your weapons at the beginning of the game, just buy new ones or use the ones you find.
When you have a golden weapon, then the time has come to improve them and keep them until you find another one that you like the most.
Take advantage of the enhancers of weapons and golden shields, it is much better to maintain these aids than to opt for a better weapon without an enhancer.
When hunt and get resources from enemy troops, take advantage of the speed of the horse to kill everyone faster and a stroke. It is much better than standing with the bow and see how enemies and animals run without you can reach them.
The special boxes of the seller of the camel are not worth it, since they can touch you weapons and equipment of almost any kind and you will have spent a pasture.
Nor buy stones. You will only use them to improve your team and you will find a good handful of them scattered throughout the missions and tombs.
Their missions, however, are a good source of new equipment and experience.
Save yourself the purchase of suits and horses, they are almost imperceptible beyond the aesthetic and the missions will end up giving you better aspects and mounts.

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Hello Quizlets,

First off, welcome to the forums! :) Thank you for sharing your tips guide with the Community! You definitely put a lot of work into it, and I'm sure it will be useful for many of the members here. Your work is well appreciated! :D