View Full Version : Wu Lin Characters Improvements

10-30-2018, 06:55 AM
Hello Ubisoft,

There is a problem witht the Wu lin characters speech, The Tian Di female and Nu Xia has the same speech and the words used should be change, I suggest 2 syllables like example charging sword in chinese, not like the Tian Di right now so long if I'm not mistaken wu tai Tian ti If I'm not mistaken it means Five Generations of Heaven and Earth. Like The Females they are saying Fei Fei yuan yuan it means Fat Fat Round Round in Mandarin and another is Tai cho Tsi shi that means your so stinky you die!
what if Eagle Claw in chinese or something like Tiger Punch in chinese. The Shaoling sound I cho i pan in mandarin I only understand if I'm not mistaken I'll cut you in half, how about thousand rock or something like that in chinese since it is a fast attack and like a chunli kick.

So Far the Armours are Great only the weapons are rusty and crappy in Tian Di, The Shaolin also shouts too much like a crazy guy Shaolin and Bruce Lee are different kung fu but the way it is monkey kung Fu is Great! incorporating the monkey king mask also.

I'll keep posting suggestion if I can, the biggest mistake is the Speech and Hope Ubisoft will improve it Like in Street Fighter Haduken shoryuken three syllables the most. Thank You.