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10-28-2018, 08:48 AM
So this post is to open the floor to perks in a positive/constructive way. Of course I too enjoyed gear stats and creating variable builds but perks are what we have now. To that end we do have a number of problems with them. I have to assume that we will getting more perks as time goes on and that some will be getting changed/improved/removed.

I am going to start off with 3 questions. Why does Nuxia only have attack perks? Why are attack perks some of the weakest in the game? Why does Nuxia only have attack perks...I mean seriously?

Attack perks:

Galestorm: 20% movement Spd Up for 10 SECONDS on Hero Kill. This is the definition of trash. If I have to achieve a hero kill to even proc this for only 10 seconds the return should have been greater. Like infinite stamina for those 10 seconds or slippery or simply a much higher movement bonus. If the idea of the perk was to give the player an option to run away or chase someone down then I am sorry to say this does not get the job done. Alternatively, this could have been a passive with no requirements and it would have been fine.

Devourer: Upon FINISH HIM! heal an additional +15 health. This is a solid perk. I don't know who was running 50% execution health bonus, but if you were this perk outperforms the heal on 25 health executions and falls short 10 points on the 50 health ones. But most people ran 25-30% so this is downright perfect for that gear stats replacement.

Early Reaper: Upon Spawn or when Revived, first attack deals 20% more damage. This perk is pratcically useless. Too many variables we don't know; what if the first attack gets blocked? What if it whiffs? What if it's parried? At what point is early Reaper consumed? And even if we knew that, let's consider the hardest hitting move Nuxia has as an example. Zone Trap does 45 damage so with this perk it would do 53. Chances are you won't land a neutral zone Trap so if we get more realistic a standard trap would do 36. A light would do 1-2 points more damage and her heavies would also do the 36. For just one attack. I definitely feel this needs a change.

Endurance: When gaining a reknown level receive 3% stam reduction per level. At a Max of 12% and because it's passive it's pseudo ok, but 12% stam reduction will not be the difference in putting out an incredible offence so once again, why is this an attack perk? This could be changed.

Survival Instinct: When in critical health, gain 15% stam reduction....CRITICAL HEALTH!!! Why not also give an attack buff, and movement speed increase, a larger stam reduction (30% minimum), I mean literally anything. 15% is trash. That will not help you do anything! Once per life it could autoactivate revenge for crying out loud. Really disappointed with this one.

Crush Them: Upon Hero Kill, your next attack deals 20% more damage. See early Reaper and galestorm as to why this feat is bogus as well.

Head Hunter: For each unique player/Bot executed you gain 4 max health. Execute the whole team and that's 16 health buff overall. The only truly solid perk among them all, but good luck getting those executions in breach.

After thoughts: Why not be more creative with Offense perks that isn't attack or speed up? How about something like

Stay Down: When executing an enemy that player has a longer cool down on their respawn timer than usual, 5-10 seconds?

I Bring Death: When executing an enemy gain uniterrupitable stance, damage reduction and debuff immunity.

Riposte/Breakthrough: when landing a successful Parry or a successful attack after a feint, that next attack deals 20% more damage.

These are just some quick ones off the top. I want to like these perks, but the offense ones are poorly done. I'll cover the other ones in later post. Please share your thoughts guys. With a nice selection or at least the right ones we can truly make custom heroes.

10-28-2018, 08:59 AM
I would prefer a unique set of perks. The way they say Hero’s perks, then defensive perks, etc, i thought each one has his own perks. Turned out they are all the same, just this one has something that the another doesnt but the other ones have that too.
As for current perks, i would argue that Galestorm can be very helpful in breach, shorten your time moving between objectives and reinforcements. you can cause a landslide (deathballing) with proper use of Galestorm.
Early reaper:if i feint the first attack, would it consume the perk? Rarely do i see anyone landing the first hit.
As for the rest, i prefer some solid bonus, like stamina reduction or speed boost or health increase, or cooldown on kill.

10-29-2018, 12:03 AM
So this is not the list of defense perks because I am currently at work, but a thought did just occur to me. You should be able to transform a perk into another, for a steel/scrap cost certainly, to any other perk available at that level. For instance some gear gives 2 perks at different values like:

Galestorm: 240
Early Reaper: 105

If ^ gear is legendary you should be able to change the perks, but not the value to other perks that would be accessible on the gear. This could be as expensive as necessary to make sure that people would burn through their steel and such if done all the time, but affordable enough to make a meaningful build mean something since people would probably only use it for their main class and rely on the rng drops most of the time.