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10-28-2018, 06:04 AM
Now i agree with alot of what People say about wanting a Character creation. But to be honest i dont think something like that will fit the Story Plot, BGE2 is a Prologue to BGE1. So very low chance of CC capabilities although i wouldn't mind if we could get that. i think the idea for a factions and cause system would be the best thing they could do for this Game. reasoning is that it makes us want to explore and discover more of this game and serach for Easter eggs. so i would love to see a faction cause system. a great idea for a dlc would be allowing us to play as jade as she growing up to be what she becomes in BGE1, i think it would be awesome to see what made become a demoness in the first place, as well as see us exploring her ship and command personal. haven't really though much else on DLCs but please don't hesitate to post your ideas as well i love to hear them and hopefully the devs will see this post and take what we ask into account.

10-31-2018, 04:39 AM
1rst, They showed we'll have caracter creation, they even said it will be one of the main axes of the game,
2ndary. You, you read my posts, all you said is based on my thread and their contain, without really adding your own ideas, apart this one invalidate by a whyle by devs... So, you could simply answer to my thread, or at least quoke me, instead of talking about these ideas as if it were yours... Okay that's cool because we agree on some points, and you give visiblities to some of my ideas (even If I think you don't understand all of them, all maybe you don't read it correctly... )
So I do not report you this time. But never do it again. I worked hard to put my cogitatations about the game in a formal, precise and ready to read and understand way. All in English, while i'm French and still far to be billingual. And that's not to let some p*ssies steal my ideas...
So please, if you want to do things right, answer the appropriate thread, quote, or work hard to gather all principals ideas given on threads answers, add yours and make it a clear and ready-to-use tool for devs and their teams of modos in charge of select ideas through the mass...