View Full Version : Really excited for this! Intro/Thoughts

10-28-2018, 12:45 AM
So I have been playing for Honor since it was free and am rep 42 I believe, if this is important to some as far as my knowledge goes if not then oh well.

I wanted to firstly introduce myself as I have been an avid ghost on the forums silently agreeing/disagreeing with several post for quite some time. I finally took the leap to verify my account and decided to become an active member and let my voice be heard. I am on Xbox as well.

The first thing aside from intro that I wanted to do was speak to the mods on this forum as a way to speak to the developers. I have seen how you have said you will notify and forward some information to them, I would appreciate if this was one of them. I would like to introduce to the game, several times during a season, a feedback page where people can answer some questions about recent changes their implementation and a short answer segment where they can give their opinions on what they would like to see changed. This can be in the form of polls as far as characters slated for reworks, buffs, or nerfs. This can be linked directly to the in game menus so that you can get a very detailed and comprehensive feel of the community as a whole on their thoughts and how they feel about how you are doing. Alot of people, like myself probably have much to say, but simply don't take the time to jump in these forums and contribute.

Secondly, Arcade can be impossibly difficult on certain stages, specifically during gank situations where catapult are being fired from Lord knows where and the 3v1 scenarios, just thought I'd throw that out there. Might look into toning that down.

I literally have so much more to say but seeing as how long this is already getting, I'll end it with Shaolin top light at 400 ms is actually impossible to react to in training where there is no latency. The fact that it leads into qi is a powerful way to guarantee it, but it also does 12 damage if you confirm nothing else from the hit. I know balances are far off, because the wu-lin must be polished and fly off the shelves but when that day comes I recommend, nerfing the damage of top light to 6, or increasing the speed to 500ms and keeping the damage. I have alot more to say but that's all for now.