View Full Version : Event gear and cosmetics

10-27-2018, 02:35 AM
With the Return of the other world event and the mention of old cosmetics and such not returning, it saddens me as a hardcore cosmetic collector that we are no longer able to get old event drops, I have not missed a single piece of event gear or cosmetic, other than the last years Frostwind festival event, in which I returned last second, to receive a couple drops, and it got me thinking on a brilliant idea that can help exclusive integrity in for honor, whilst satisfying veteran players who may have missed out on some items, my idea would involve the players involvement in past events such as the return of the other world, say you played during last years event, but missed some of the drops, in the reoccurring event next year it would detect you participated/were playing at the time of the event, then you’d be able to receive past drops either straight up, or after all of the current events gear has been acquired