View Full Version : [Opinion] Perks and the issue behind them

10-27-2018, 02:27 AM
Perks have come out and there is mass hatred for them.
There are a whole bunch of reasons players hate them, they feel something was stolen from them, they feel the gear grind was a waste of time, they feel perks are useless, they miss having revenge/stamina/defence/attack focus builds, and even those that just hate any change and threaten to quit or want a refund because of it.

All of that being said I see what they were TRYING to do with perks. Trying to remove some variability from specific builds to figure out balance. (Revenge builds) Trying to make gear have less impact for new player integration, trying to shake things up to try something new, trying to give a system that can be changed as often and modified to make balance easier.

Now here is how you KNOW perks are an epic fail, when I see people with gear level 180 full refined and they have 1 Level A perk. No interest from the community, no interest, no point, no love. And I don't blame them.. save the steel to unlock things that are worth while and of interest like characters, emotes, executions etc.

All That being said here is why i feel it failed to get any support.

1) The transition:
When i knew perks were coming i stopped salvaging gear on my main and had a full 60/60 inventory for when perks were switched over. Gear of all different stats and to support all different builds. However when i logged in after the switch, MOST of the gear had the exact same perks available to it, so saving them all up was pointless because i couldn't even throw different sets on to try out the perks. 4 out of 7 perks were unobtainable with 60 Legendary gear items even if they were all upgraded to level 30. The transition was a failure as it forced everyone to have to grind to even see if there were perk builds they liked. Not a good transition

2) The Perks
Looking at all the perks and what they did, some seemed okay, and some seemed situational at best and some were slaps in the face to the gear stats days.
The okay perks, there were some that were okay and played an interesting roll for certain situations. Warlord has HORRIBLE stamina issues right now, so the block when exhausted returning stamina was kind of interesting and was eager to play it.
The situational perks such as shields being upped by 20% and anything to do with run speed. Situational at best.
The slaps in the face, such as you can have your 12% stam reduction, but ONLY when you reach reknown level 4. So you want us to still have gear stats but only at renown 4. This is jsut a slap in the face as we used to be able to have that all the time. And renown 4 is only possible in breach and sometimes a good Dominion game.
Which brings me to my next point. The perk system seems to be HEAVILY focused on Breach mode only. Tribute, Deathmatch, Dominion... they aren't really effective especially the renown based ones.

3) The Leveling structure
This is the amazing failure and I think the biggest one. The transition is a momentary failure that will pass once people are into it. The perks could easily be tweaked and changed to make less favorable ones to be more interesting. The grind to get there is pointless. At Every stage of gearing up (Grey, blue, purple, gold, and Legendary). At EVERY stage... there is NO point to upgrading/refining gear. There is no benefit as you either have enough points or you don't for perks. For instance, with all the gear earlier, after reviewing the stats I made a gear set to get the three perks I think I wanted. I have my three perks with level 25-27 gear. No upgrades.. no refinement... That's it .. i'm done. So with a gear level of 167 on one build, and 165 on another I have the perks I want to try in two different builds. So why should I upgrade, why should I refine. This doesn't even make sense from a monetary standpoint of wanting people to spend steel. I get NO benefit to upgrade anymore... get to that perk level and that's it. There is NO REASON to upgrade.
At lower levels it feels even MORE wasteful. At the gear level you are at, you can get so many perks at certain tiers. So once you get there, what is the point to upgrading. Oh right.. if you want to get to the next level of gear you need to upgrade your current gear to max... yet doing so only gives me 900Pts in a perk that I only need 600 to be functional. I get NO bonus to up the gear but you are forcing me to, in order to get to the next gear level. This is the definition of waste. Putting time and cash in for NO purpose. Oh and even better... you get gear with that new perk you want to try.. oh can't install it, let it sit in inventory or else you lose your current perk while trying to get to the next one.

"They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”
Devs… You took away something that the players loved (their main's gear build) … you took away hope of something good with aweful perk system.. and you even took away something to do in a progression to better their gear.

Since the community has spoken about perks.. its your move on how you are going to fix the situation you put yourself in.