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10-26-2018, 03:20 AM
Hi there!

First of all, your game is fantastic, I am enjoying it so very much. There is so much to do, the story is very engaging, and I am absolutely loving it. I do have a piece of feedback, and although I hardly post on these forums because I never really need to, for this I found that I simply had to, because I feel a tiny change would greatly improve the already fabulous experience.

I hope I am posting this in the correct section but I couldn't find a 'Suggestion' sub forum, so I'm just going to go for it here.

I'd like to suggest something that would make playing a little smoother, particularly when it comes to adjusting to a new situation where I quickly need to swap out my gear, but it's kind of a hassle to do so.

For example, I'm sneaking around in the Legendary Pirate set because I want to clear a camp assassinating everybody, then when I am done, a conquest battle pops up and I want to swap out to my Amazon set and some other weapons. so I go to my inventory and spend about a minute clicking on 5 different armor pieces, 2 weapons, a bow, swapping them out, because also, they don't always appear in the same place in the inventory. Sometimes engraving one makes it appear as 1st item instead of 3rd, or vice versa, you sometimes spend a bit searching for the correct item in the mass of Legendaries you've collected after a while, especially in the later stages of the game.

One minute seems like not a whole lot of time, but you can end up in different situations quickly, rapidly following each other up so it can happen quite often. Added up, it ends up actually being very time consuming and the process has started to annoy me a little. I feel it's something that's not needed and could be improved upon. What I would suggest, and I'd like a Ubisoft employee to respond to this, simply confirming it's been seen, is the following:

Put an 'Equip Complete Set' button on each Legendary Set piece in your inventory, if the whole set is present in said inventory.
It could be something that only appears once you completed the whole set, sort of as an extra reward for collecting all the pieces. For example, you click the button to equip just that item, but if you hold it, you equip the entire set. This way you only have to select 1 set piece instead of all 5. I think it's a quality of life upgrade that would greatly improve game play and it's not like speeding up the process would give you an advantage, since your game is paused anyway. It's just a way to smooth things up, it would simply take away the hassle of clicking 5 different items each time you want to change tactics or when you are forced into a situation where you have to.

Allow us to 'Favorite' certain pieces of armor and weapons, so that they always appear first or in a designated spot in the Item inventory, saving you from searching for the item if it changed position after engraving the piece, or even another piece.

Alternatively, let us create and name certain armor sets or weapon and armor combinations, or even only the 3 weapons. For example, I want to assassinate stuff, so I make an armor set with my Pirate set, my sexy Assassination damage dagger, my +100 damage spear, and my favorite assassination bow. I can make another set for when a conquest battle pops up, because I literally want 8 different items for those situations.

This could also be implemented for abilities, maybe let us save certain builds that we like, and give them a name. So if you wanted to change things up, but decide to go back to a favorite build later, you can simply pay the drachmae to refund your abilities like normal, then select a saved ability build and quickly 'rebuild' it in a configuration you've previously tested and saved.

Some other things that popped into my head just now, not related to armor or weapons but nevertheless related to the inventory.

Move completed Ainigmata Ostraka to the bottom of the inventory window and move uncompleted ones to the top. Perhaps even sort them alphabetically, or chronologically, as in when you picked them up. Or even give us the option to select which we prefer. Same with quest items, items that are related to a quest you have completed and you no longer need for anything, give them a little check mark and move them to the bottom. This could save a lot of time scrolling through loads of items trying to find the relevant one you need for this particular task you've been given.

Looking up engravings and which challenge you need to complete in order to collect them is a real pain right now. You have to check all the engravings in all the different armor categories until you find the one you're after, and only once you happen upon the engraving or engraving upgrade you're looking for you can see which challenge you need to complete in order to collect that particular one. This can be very time consuming.

Add a UI section for challenges. A nice list, perhaps sorted into categories, so you can quickly see which challenges you still have to complete and which in turn show you the reward associated with it, instead of only being able to find them via the engravings page.

Also, I miss the DNA from previous games, telling you exactly what you have completed and what you haven't completed yet. I understand if you don't want to implement that completely again and it's not what I am after, but,

Add a counter to the Ainigmata Ostraka, add a counter for Viewpoints synchronized, like Origins had. Maybe in an X amount total, X collected, X solved kinda way. Percentage or numbers equally fine, as long as there is some indication of how much of the total you have done so far. Would be fabulous.

So, these are just some suggestions that came to mind, I understand if not all of them can or will be implemented, but I just wanted to have the ideas out there. I would love to see these tiny Quality of Life changes implemented in some way or form. Is it possible for any Ubisoft member to comment on this thread, just so I know my suggestion has been received? No need to confirm or deny you'll do it, I'm pretty sure I won't get that lucky :P I just want to know you guys read it, know about it, and will take it into consideration. :)

I hope these are helpful suggestions, personally I think they are and I think some of these would greatly improve the game, even though some of these UI changes would be marginal. Perhaps building it into the game would be a bigger project but it's something that can certainly be done and would probably benefit a lot of players, if not most or even all of them.

Thanks very much for reading up to here, I hope to see this in game in the future!

Thanks for making Odyssey and Assassin's Creed in general, I've played from the very first game and will continue to play each and every title since it's one of my absolute favorite series ever, I absolutely love it!