View Full Version : Constellation Horses Unlock

10-25-2018, 04:57 PM
Howdie all,
I am a bit lost here at this time. I am trying to unlock the scorpio 1 constellation horse. All i get from the game is to "you can exchange constellation 1 by finishing special quests." I have looked up how to breed the scorpio and have the Jutland & rocky mountain, but i see nowhere where there are special quests. I do know of the mystery shop, but nothing there either, and I do not have the special token to unlock "how to breed" in the constellation event button at the bottom, minus the 250 diamonds for constellation II. So, there in lies the dilemma, where are these special quests? How can i unlock the "how to breed" so i can unlock this constellation horse or any other down the road? [lvl26 atm]