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10-25-2018, 02:31 PM

Greetings Samhain revellers, we have a Den and by the looks of the video splash page a spooooooky one. What tricks and treats will the Return of the Otherworld have in store?

Regular Warrior's Den news of the week ish

Marching Fire launched last week, they had issues with the availability of the pre-order with some PS4 players, they rolled out 25,000 steel for those affected. Xbox still has issues, they fixed the game sharing bug and they are working with Microsoft on something that is on Microsoft's side.

A patch will drop next week, some highlights.

Tiandi Sacrifice feat will be fully fixed

Some fixes to Shaolin feats sending him out of bounds

Hero tactics fixes

Map fixes

Level design updates for balancing on Viking and Samurai breach

Loadout gender issue fix

Some crash and stability issues on Breach will be fixed, they made the point that Stability has never been as good as it is now in all older modes, breach being new they have a few things they are ironing out.

They have a surprise in the patch contentwise they won't discuss.

Massive powerpoint on Marching Fire.

As with their events they have a different atmosphere in the UI and game menu, Halloween music and blood moon. The balck screen in the UI gives them options to do some pretty neat things like this.

Skeleton cowboy minions, also cowboy skeleton pikemen.

The maps look pretty spooky, green fire and pumpkins, this with the cowboy skeletons.

They showed the roadmap, basically we're at the end of the current one, Halloween event and endless fire faction competition.

They have Halloween event themed loot, starting with weapon drops.

They have a battle outfit, ornament and effect.

Content of the week is Mask outfits, 15,000 this week, 20,000 from then on.

Sale of the week last year's Halloween Mask outfits for 10,000

From next week there will be a Halloween themed emote.

Speaking of Halloween emotes this week the werewolf emote from last year is back.

Endless March makes a return this year.

They have their first weekly arcade quest starting from next week, this one will come with the patch. These quests will come every week now, a handmade handcrafted questline. The weekly quests are legendary tier.

And that will wrap us

10-25-2018, 05:36 PM
Man like honestly this event looks amazing. The art and effects team is top notch. honestly mods...pass along to those guys that the work does not go unnappreciated. This is why i love this game. For those that constantly complain i dont think they realize this game is a gem and we get given a lot.

10-27-2018, 03:23 PM
Den is recapped. Outside of talking about next week's patch which will have a lot of fixes, the first weekly arcade quest event and apparently a surprise content-wise it was all Halloween event related.

10-27-2018, 07:17 PM
probably the most fun i've had in 4v4 ever.