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10-25-2018, 12:59 PM
Hey guys, quick post with quick question. Am I the only one who thinks tiandi either uses too much stamina or has very little stamina? I feel like my mixups drain me out of stamina WAY too fast. He feels like PK in terms of stamina usage.

10-25-2018, 06:04 PM
i wish this is the case with aramusha and orochi so they back off a bit I think they are both bugged .

10-25-2018, 06:07 PM
Nah. I manage just fine.

10-25-2018, 06:46 PM
I haven't played Tiandi but I feel like his stamina sucks because there is no longer any gear stats to try and make his stamina cost reduction higher than the default amount. As a lawbringer main, I suffer from that as well.