View Full Version : Support what Support?

10-25-2018, 12:22 PM
So I have an issue in for honour ranked where i only gain 1 for every win and lose 9 for every loss. This seems to come about after a faulty net connection where i dropped out of rank three times losing 150, dropping me from diamond 3, to diamond 1. and needing around 100 wins to go up a tier.

I contacted Ubisoft support and was basically told that as i go up a tier it should bring me back to the normal amounts when i get to diamond 3. However despite winning 20 fights out of 22 I have mad no gain, and no matter how much a i play i cant climb the ladder far before losing a couple a dropping right back down.

So i contact support again, this time i am told that is how it is supposed to work.
I explain to him that that is not true i p[lay ranked all the time and it is never a 1 for a win 7 for a loss (made it into tier 2 by this time)
He tells me he is a ubisoft employee and knows how the game works, so i refer him to the previous notes, all the way through i am dismissed and told there is nothing they can do....

What is the point in support if they can't support? and even prefer to lie to you to make you compliant