View Full Version : [BUG][DRONES]Toxic Gas Canister goes through the map

10-24-2018, 10:59 PM
Dear Ubisoft,

I have repeatedly seen the Toxic Gas Canister go through the map. I have seen this in my games and on Twitch streams, so it appears to be relatively common.

Thank you,

10-25-2018, 09:13 AM
Good I hate the gas. It ruins the game.

Round after round, game after game. Run forward, get gassed, retreat, wait, run forward, get gassed, retreat aaarrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!! BORING!

10-25-2018, 11:54 AM
Thanks for reporting this bug to us, I'll make sure to move it to technical for their visibility .

If you have any clips of this happening as well i will certainly help the report :)