View Full Version : Changes to Legendary Season Reset cutoff rank

10-24-2018, 01:54 AM
The Race to Legendary pack is back! After every season rest, the bottom 50% of Legendary players are returned to Rank 50.

I had posted as a reply to the developer update but wanted to repost because I think this is an important change...

Hi Toller, you wrote that the bottom 50% will be dropped from legendary this season, which is different than the usual 10000 LSR. Based on what I’ve seen that means more players will get to stay, which is great. Will the cutoff rank/LSR be known to us? Some of us want to make sure we’re comfortably above that 50% cutoff but it seems like we’ll be blind as to what that is. Previously you could go to sleep knowing you were above 10000 LSR and safe but now it would be anyone’s guess what 50% would be.

(Or maybe LSR is like matter and it cannot be created nor destroyed, and therefore half of the NKs are above 10000?)


Am I real?

10-24-2018, 04:14 AM
Isn’t it just the same thing?

10-25-2018, 04:01 AM
I don’t think they necessarily are, but maybe I’m wrong. If it was the same thing then why didn’t Toller just say 10000 LSR was the cutoff like they normally would?

Am I real?