View Full Version : Ubisoft used one of my old Uplay usernames for a Tiandi bot in Marching Fire

10-23-2018, 07:45 PM
Honestly, I'm not quite sure what to think of it. On one side it's sorta cool, on the other hand it's really confusing seeing your former name pop up in chat and scoreboard.

Bot - https://i.imgur.com/mIufaxE.png

My invite to the Marching Fire closed test - http://imgur.com/a/Ic6SSwo

On a side note, how do they actually pick their Bot names?

10-23-2018, 08:07 PM
You should sue them for billyens of dollarz!

Tundra 793
10-23-2018, 08:34 PM
On a side note, how do they actually pick their Bot names?

The former lead writer, Ari, just picked them based on random whims. Some were based on stories, others on memes or inside jokes. There's an old Warrior's Den, one of those I recapped, where she explained a few of the Bot names. There's a link to the recap on the second to last page of the Lore Timeline thread if you want to watch it.

Since she left though I've no idea how they pick 'em. I ran into one last week named "FakeNews2".

10-23-2018, 09:02 PM
I have a feeling that teams at Ubisoft eat out a lot for lunch and leave one or two behind to hold the fort as one of the bots is called SadDeskLunch.

10-23-2018, 10:24 PM
This is probably a case of "Great minds think alike." Has a nice alliterative thing going on, and ledge lord rhymes with edge lord. :)

Definitely would freak me out to see an older user name of mine on a bot, though. It's kind of like a ghost...

10-23-2018, 11:17 PM
I saw a bot Shaolin named "Wang Tang" last night and I couldn't stop laughing.
I don't know how they pick the names. But I love it none the less.