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10-22-2018, 11:05 AM
I'm going to run this post backwards - that is I'm going to lead with my questions rather than the background. Why? Lack of faith in things getting read/comprehended the later they are into a long post...

So this is an issue that has only occurred since the matchmaking changes, and I have the following questions:

1.) Why do 95% of my opponents, anywhere in legendary league (I'm typically 3000-7000 but have been higher and lower), play cards at levels which I don't even own, much less have in my current deck?
2.) Why, if I drop to 7000 or below, do I start getting matched with opponents who are 10000 or lower but in most cases have equal/higher NK level and again higher level cards than me?
3.) In follow up to question 2, if I go on a losing run, why does the game typically start presenting me with increasingly harder opponents? This means if I have a bad run and lose a few games I risk getting sucked down into hell which means I play less because I stop enjoying the game.
4.) In follow up to question 1, considering I'm always getting given opponents with higher level cards, making me an easy target for these people, am I never presented with opponents with lower level cards to balance out the fact I'm constantly fighting people with better decks?
5.) Why does your new matchmaking system make me no longer want to level my NK and has reduced my donations to about 25% of what they were previously?
6.) Why, when I do push up close to around my peak of 3000 in the rankings, does this lead to me start getting matched mostly with opponents in the top 1000 who often have all rarity of cards at least 1 level and sometimes 2 levels higher than me? This makes any further progression impossible.
7.) Why are there people at a similar ranking to me but with lower NK levels being presented with much easier games, and not experiencing large disparity in the levels of their deck vs their opponent, allowing them to climb higher due to being given an easier overall game experience than me?
8.) If your changes to matchmaking fixed a problem, why was a top player on twitch yesterday advertising 'watch me spend the day climb the rankings'? When I looked he was level 23 at rank 13500. Why would this happen if you fixed deranking? This is the type of opponent I risk facing if I have some bad results and my ranking slips...
9.) Instead of fixing the matchmaking problem, why have you simply transferred this problem to a different set of people? (So instead of hurting low level people, it now hurts people of a higher NK level who achieved it via a wide spread of card upgrades and regular large donations within team).

I'm sure there is more but this is a sample.. The 'answer' to most of the above is because before the new matchmaking system was implemented I split my resources between a large number of cards so I could enjoy playing with all of them, rather than focusing on a few core cards and mostly using the same deck.

Even winning runs are punished. Recently I managed to win around 5 games in a row, again all against opponents with better decks. At this time I was ranked about 4000, and was given an opponent about 5000. This is how we compared:

NK Level: 19
Commons: 5
Rares: 4/5
Epics: 3/4.
Legendaries: None in deck (highest I own is level 2).

NK Level: 19
Commons: 6
Rares: 6
Epics: 4/5
Legendaries: 3

I lost this game even though I feel I played much better, which was reflected in the fact I only lost 0-1. This was due to the level 5 Marcus my opponent kept playing who could not be fully killed even from using both my lightning AND DKC together. If my opponent has a card (and in this case he had several) that's of such a level that when he spends 4 energy, I cannot kill it with 8 energy spent on my most high impact cards, then this is clearly a game I have no chance of winning unless my opponent happens to be a total moron.

Now for those that know football (soccer) I am going to draw a comparison, to illustrate how purely ridiculous this matchmaking is:

Currently in English football for have a 4 tier system, with one league above another, and promotion and relegation based on a season long performance. The strength of the players, with guidance from the manager, dictates the finishing position of teams. Teams that finish bottom of the highest division will move down to the second division, while teams finishing top of the second division will move up to the top division, and so on down the 4 divisions. The divisions are stacked so for example the winner of the top division will receive a larger financial reward than the winner of the second division, and so on. Teams only play teams from their own division, and any position in the top division is better than any position in a lower division, with a league table generated for each individual division based upon the results between the teams within those divisions.

Now lets compare this to how the SPPD model within legendary league works:
* Teams are split into their divisions based primarily upon the perceived strength of their manager - the strength of the players at his disposal, or relative league position of the team, are very much secondary (imagine Newcastle playing in the Champions League only because their manager is Rafa Benitez...)
* Teams only play teams within their division.
* At the end of the season one huge league table is produced merging all divisions into one, placing teams by their results against teams only within their own division.
* In this example if we applied it again to football - This would mean that a team could finish bottom of the top division because of their results against other top division teams, but then be placed at the bottom of the entire league (bottom of all 4 divisions), meaning that many inferior teams who they have never played against are placed above them and given a higher financial reward.
* Then despite the above, the second a player goes back to legendary from silver, they are expected to deal with the same situation all over again, even though previous results demonstrate they are being forced to play almost exclusively against superior opposition and so will never make any progression as a team.

So I have one last question: Redlynx can you please explain to me how to continue to compete now within this new matchmaking system?

10-23-2018, 10:28 AM
Got to love when you put so much work and time into writing a post, and get no reply even though you have seen staff members replying to more recent posts.

Note to Redlynx staff - replying is just good manners. Good manners are free. If you do not realise this you were not raised correctly.

Let me simplify even further: Why have you created a problem which previously did not exist, and when will you fix it (or even acknowledge it)?

10-24-2018, 08:23 PM
As there is still no reply I thought I'd just update something else for public interest.

The same individual mentioned in the OP advertising/streaming deranking has apparently been accepted for the closed beta - Just goes to show if you cheat Redlynx will reward you ;)

And nope before anybody thinks it not sore about the beta as I didn't apply for it.