View Full Version : How to get the right version of Assassins creed odyssey with french audio ?

10-22-2018, 10:47 AM
Hi everyone !
So I looked everywhere, and I cant find anything related.
I live in the United Arab Emirates, and I ordered thegame the day it came out on our local amazon (Souq). I received aversion with only english and russian languages that I could download.
I am a french expat so I woud like to find a version with french language that I could download, but I looked everywhere and cant find it. They only havethe middle east version (english audio with arabic subtitles).
I am completely lost in all those versions, so my question is: How can I find a version with downloadable french audio, or how can I be sure before I buuy that the version I have in front of me does have this ? or else,if I buy on the playstation store, will I be able to have the version I want or will only the middle east version be available?

Im sorry if the post is quite long, but I have been struggling for 2 weeks now with no real answer fron ubisoft..

Thanks for your help !

10-22-2018, 11:15 AM
Personally, I would use a VPN connection to bypass the language restriction and use France or Canada. Never buy thru VPN of course! Steam won't allow it but EA origin does and I think Uplay does too.
To bypass the slow downloads depending you are using a free or paid VPN you can interrupt the download after a few megabytes and resume the download after closing the VPN it continues the already started download thru your own provider at their speed.

I know this trick works for EA origin since I use it to circumvent European release dates which are always last. That way I can start the game a few days earlier.