View Full Version : Rework Idea for LN

10-22-2018, 02:44 AM
LB is in a **** spot right now, no matter how you look at it. He is absolutely useless in 1v1s and with the nerf to gear and feats he is in a tough spot even in 4v4. I know it's clear that the community wants a rework so here are my ideas.

Speed is the name of the game right now(or at least what I'm seeing from the devs right now) and he is unbelievable slow.
500ms side lights doing 18 damage/ chain lights doing 15, 400ms top light doing 14 damage/ chain light still 400ms doing 12 damage.

Side heavies still 800ms but do 35 damage andgain hyper armor/chain side heavies are 700ms, do 35 damage and gain hyper armor. Top heavy still 900ms but does 40 damage, still stuns and gain hyper armor/ chain top heavies are 800ms, do 40 damage and gain hyper armor.

Side unblockable heavy finishers are 800ms, does 45 damage, gain hyper armor and have undodgable properties. Top unblockable heavy finishers are 900ms, does 50 damage, gain hyper armor and have undodgable properties.

Shove on block removed, after landing a heavy can continue with a shove that guarantees a light doing 15 damage(no more deflects). Shove will be a decent opener now being 600ms from neutral(essentially the same as Tiandi's palm strike) and no dodge required.

Impaling charge/repost now does 10 damage(to keep impale into wall still 50 damage) but costing less stamina.

Long Arm is now a softfeint from chain/finisher and opening side heavies, is now 600ms, has hyper armor, superior tracking(can still be dodges but timing is strict) and confirmed heavy does 30 damage. Long Arm can be activated and is still confirmed after thrown/impaling wall splat.

All feints occur later, increase in stamina pool(its kind of necessary with gear stats being removed)and increase in hp( I always felt there wasn't enough of a difference in character health pools, I would prefer LB to have 170hp).

If anybody else has any/better ideas just comment.