View Full Version : not rewarded with orichalcum for daily Quests + weekly Quests (I'm Done/ frustrated)!

10-22-2018, 01:16 AM
Hi There ..

As the title says I'm Really frustrated and DONE Doing Daily quests and weekly Quests ... you have no idea how mad i was yesterday when i did the weekly quests wasted like 2 hours or so only to hunt Athenian marksman as i already done from Archers , in the end I didn't get the Orichalcum from weekly Quests and of course daily quests as always ..

I sent a tweet with a video showing that when i was done and completed the current weekly quest to @assassinscreed and @UbisoftSupport On twitter,, I didn't get Orichalcum worth of 40 I think so i buy something from Oikos that i set my eyes on for 80 Orichalcum, To work this hard hunting Marksman that i will explain just in a bit , eventually didn't get Orichalcum , absolutely ridiculous...

See the Tweet Please and the Video here :


Yes, I saw on the launch many people made a thread about this bug , but till now AC team didn't acknowledged this , didn't list it in known issues , just like before when they didn't fix Reda daily quest not appearing for almost year and half , so not surprised there !!

I also made a thread before about this here :


I know i do so many things for sake of this game ,So many tweets as feedback , and threads here on Ubisoft forums ..

I already knew daily quests not giving Orichalcum when completing the quest , but working for weekly quest waste hours and hunt marksman that rarely appear only in forts once kill him and fast travel and wait 5 minutes to make him maybe again appear in the fort , and one in leader house and if you're lucky you will find two , same step fast travel to let the game refresh and spawn them with the loading and all of that pretty sure at least 4 hours .. all of that to know you will not get that 40 Orichalcum ...

What did you expect my reaction when i saw this ? smiling ? understanding or saying " it's not a big deal they will fix it eventually" ? I didn't play story while i wanted but i wanted also to complete this (....) weekly quest so i buy something from Oikos that cost 80 Orichalcum and all of that all that work for nothing, waste of time , I was so frustrated .. Enough is Enough..!!!

if I don't earn Orichalcum from Daily and weekly quests then Why the hell I waste my time for something i will not get !!! , forget getting Orichalcum also around Greece because it's basically impossible , and Oikos system as whole is pointless and No way near close to Reda system in AC origins .. I saw that sticky note here stating that basically Oikos better than Reda and like odds getting something from store is better than Reda !! how they hell i will pay Oikos Orichalcum if I don't get any Orichalcum from Daily and weekly Quests..

I'm basically everyday i play and complete daily quests i don't get anything ..
and the worst of all that yes Ubisoft / AC team / Known issues .. this issue is not Listed there for a quick fix ASAP .. It's impossible also Only me have this issue !!

I'm Done , I'm really frustrated .. I will never play Daily and weekly quest again until you guys fix this and tell us through twitter or anywhere or in the patch notes that you fixed this , then i will play daily quests and weekly quests .. and don't make a sticky notes saying Oikos is better than Reda system in AC origins as encouragement for us to try Oikos or spend some time there.. because he absolutely not and nowhere near close to AC origins system ...

and I'm not gonna create a ticket for ubisoft support because i don't want a reply saying : here do some basic troubleshooting steps or Uninstall your game and download it again fully .. or delete your save file so you clear your cache *facepalm* ...

I'm done ,, the rest on you guys ..
Good Luck , Counting on you ..
Thanks ..

Update :
Thanks to whoever here on Ubisoft forums / Ubisoft Support for giving me 40 Orichalcum, I Had 57 and I fast travel in game now it's 97.. and i bought what i needed from Oikos the Legendary arms.. I'm sure someone read my thread, checked my profile and gave me 40 Orichalcum, but I'm sure i will face the same issue tomorrow or this Tuesday for new weekly Quest ( I Hope not)..

just take this as feedback or report this issue please.. as i said everywhere in every thread I Love Assassins creed and i want it to perform the best, and I will be glad when I encounter any issue; I report them.. whether here or on Twitter or anywhere..

Thank you Again..