View Full Version : Why are you keep on doing this to every game

10-21-2018, 06:46 PM
every game you bring on the market is in the beginning not a bad game, i really enjoy the most games but after a while you can not keep your hands off the game and totally destroy the fun!
you did it with The Division (thats why i will never buy Div 2)Watchdog's and now again with For Honor!
if i did those things at my company i will never had a job again but you fock-ups keep on doing it because some people keep on crying and crying and they always will be crying because with those changes they still suck.
Its like i'm buying a lexus and after a year its a VW because they changed the whole car
not to mansion the progress everybody had make is gone and you think that 2 years of gameplay can be fixed with 5 lootboxes its like you spit in our faces
or maybe you change the game because you are already working on a sequel because you did the same with The Division but i let you know already i will not even consider to buying the sequel

but hey maybe i need to go back to EA because then i know what to expect but for now i wont buy any ubisoft games for a while untill i know you dont fock-up the game after the release because that's where you at your peak "destroying the fun of a game