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10-21-2018, 02:44 PM
First off,I would like to say that I purchased the game during Season 2,when everyone was ****ting on the game for the p2p system and the "op" heroes Centurion and Shinobi (personally I could fight and kill them ez but I agreed on some nerfs). So what do I think about the new expansion Marching Fire? It's amazing. The Wu Lin do not feel unbalanced at all and no,this game is not pay to win,stop with this nonsense. My only complaint is that,while I am a PC gamer,I feel for those console players who would rather throw away the game than try to react to 400ms attacks while playing at 30fps. Ubi,step up and do something about this because you have no idea what it feels like trying to fight Nuxia,Shaolin,PK or Shaman on console. If I had to describe every Wu Lin hero it would be like:
- Tiandi is a Vanguard with some assassin properties,but what really makes him special is the amount of mixups which is insane,it feels satisfying to dodge heavy into another dodge heavy into feint into palm strike into heavy into kick. It's not even op,you just have to wait for him to show his weakness and light attack him at the right moment to stop him from further mixups. Seriously,this hero is a great example of how original heroes should be reworked: lots of mixups and multiple openers while not being op.
- Jiang Jun is a Heavy,even though he feels like a Lawbringer + Shugoki mix. He's godlike when using the Stance because he has poise and can punish hard if you're not careful with your attacks. While yes,his Stance brings him back to full stamina when oos,you already know he's going to use that so you can punish accordingly with a grab,just don't throw out attacks with long recovery because he can use that to his advantage (like a Centurion punch). This hero is an example of how Shugoki and Lawbringer should be reworked: heavy punishes,unblockables on heavy finishers,lots of pressure when oos and,most importantly,openers.
- Shaolin is a Hybrid and the hardest to learn imo. His Qi Stance is harder to pull off than the Hidden Stance (Nobushi) and when you enter that state you have many options for different outcomes: your enemy wants to dodge? Use a side heavy. Your enemy wants to attack? Use light attacks or kick. My only complaint is that his feats are too powerful and have low cooldown. Seriously,his teleport should be removed and the second feat is abused so much and it's very annoying. Anyway,I might say that he's the most powerful hero in the Wu Lin faction,but to compensate he's hard to learn and master.
- Nuxia is an Assassin which specializes in traps. But what truly makes her shine is her mind games which force every opponent to never ever try a parry when she swings her weapons because she can either feint them into a light,feint them into a grab or just throw the heavies with no traps. While she's my favourite Wu Lin hero so far,I have some complaints. She heavily relies on light attacks and mixups,except she has less mixups than the other Wu Lin heroes,for some reason. Her traps need to be buffed because you can just disengage,emote or block the other way and they won't work,which is bs in my opinion. Not to mention that her deflect can be blocked for some obscure reason. I feel like she needs more.

Breach - Breach is an amazing game mode and the amount of xp and steel you get from it is very much worth it,finally I can abandon that ****hole that is Dominion and play some real game mode where playing the objective is actually rewarding and gets you more renown than simply slaughtering the enemy team. However,the spawn kill is real,please Ubisoft fix that because most attackers can't even get out of spawn because they die as soon as they land.
Gear System - I like the new gear system very much but I must admit,I was pissed when my builds were completely ****ed up,not to mention that these perks are kinda bad. Like Shugoki and Lawbringer who get only +10 heal when they kill a hero,that's too low and not rewarding at all. Then we have the movement speed buffs which are not that important at all and the legendary tier feats which are nothing worth grinding. While the concept is good and I'm very happy Gear Stats are not a thing anymore (Kensei 60 dmg and Highlander 80 dmg nightmares),I feel like the new perks should be reviewed again because they're not as good as they should be and don't encourage different builds.
Arcade Mode - Who made that mode? Satan? The difficulty spike is too much,the bots force you to turtle up and get revenge to even have a small chance,even though you'll die anyway and you're forced to throw them off a ledge. And it doesn't even feel that satisfying because the rewards you get are really bad. This mode needs to be remade because,right now,it's just not fun.

My Final Opinion - With Marching Fire,Ubisoft did so many changes right,but there are also changes that were not needed or are just bad,like the removal of the minion clearing moves. Those moves were what made the heroes unique and it was very satisfying slaughtering all those minions with some good punches or kick,especially with heavies like Shugoki. Now it feels empty,not fun,not aesthetically appealing. However,the good changes were much needed and balancing the heroes will be much easier from now on,revenge builds are not a thing anymore,objectives actually matter,teamwork actually matters if you want to win,the new gear is amazing (well,except for some of them like the Berserker one which I don't like at all),the new results screen is really good (even tho I would offer an option for Dominion to bring back those cutscenes). I am actually curious about how the dialogue overhaul has been changed and it was a good thing it got removed before thr Marching Fire update because some of those quotes were really bad and cringeworthy. Now all you need to do to get the support of your fanbase is change the perk system and rework Shugoki and Lawbro. Seriously,these poor heroes deserve some love.

I hope I was helpful,feel free to express your opinions as long as they're constructive and benefit the topic. If you want to say that this game is p2w and I'm an idiot just get out.

10-21-2018, 05:31 PM
I like the drums the music it creates a hype for battle . I like breach is by far better then dominion more I play it more I enjoy it . I like minions , new perks , resurrection is not full hp anymore it prevents infinite spawn . I like the art in this game the graphic design is amazing 10/10 . I like new armour I like new heroís and moves . Marching fire is great 👍 there is issues with balance and game play , light attack spam cost 0 stamina seems infinite . Guard breaks and defending cost 0 stamina itís infinite . People can just stand in one spot all day and shuffle left right up . Bleed and stamina drain we got no perks for that . If they can fix this I would be happy with the game .

10-21-2018, 06:10 PM
Indeed! I like most things about Marching Fire,I admit some choices were questionable but overall it's just great. About the music,you have no idea how pumped I am when we reach the final phase and the drums begin playing with the vocals in background,Breach is exactly what Dominion should have been. The perk that helps resurrecting allies at 75% health is excellent and makes heroes like Shugoki and Lawbringer actually viable for supporting the team,Shugoki can even use the Demon's Embrace against the King and be the punchbag for his team. As a Shugoki main,I am very happy they did not change that mechanic because I actually feel a sense of purpose when playing Shugoki as an attacker. And yeah,blocking should cost more stamina but first they have to buff Shug and Lawbro because their stamina is already pretty bad. The minions now have purpose and can kill you if you're not careful,and I can kill them easily with Shug (some people have been complaining that Shug can't kill minions in one charged heavy,but why tf would you even use that move unless you want to be oos). Light spam is still an issue but not so much anymore because of the new gear system,I can kill Orochis ez now. As I said previously,I agree with the community that the Wu Lin heroes are superior in every way,not because they're op,but because they're actually balanced and have a **** ton of mixups and chains,especially Tiandi. Jiang Jun can punish you hard and I like that a lot about him because you actually have to be careful,take a good long look at what he does and punish accordingly. Graphic design is amazing,couldn't agree more. I am very glad there are people who actually agree with me,it makes me sad that there are so many topics talking about how For Honor **** on its fanbase and it's become "pay to win" when that's not true at all. If they all actually learned how to counter those heroes they would see that they're not op.

10-21-2018, 07:46 PM
OP is talking nonsens. his concerns are totaly irrelevant, LOL. Not a single word about balancing....

10-21-2018, 08:20 PM
Glad you've been enjoying Breach, and thanks for your feedback on the heroes, the perk system, and the removal of the minion clearing animations. :)

10-21-2018, 10:48 PM
OP is talking nonsens. his concerns are totaly irrelevant, LOL. Not a single word about balancing....

Apparently you didn't even read my post. Don't worry,kiddo,it's okay if you can't read,just don't talk nonsense from now on.

10-21-2018, 10:53 PM
Apparently you didn't even read my post. Don't worry,kiddo,it's okay if you can't read,just don't talk nonsense.

Try not to take the salt throwers too personal. I've been around here for a long time and been on the receiving end for a lot of hate. The forums to an outside perspective seem like nothing but full of spam bots and really angry people here. But i've come to know quite a lot of kind people here. Reading your overall opinion was refreshing. I'm glad there are others who are enjoying the new dlc besides me.

Who was your favorite hero from the bunch before you played? And has that favorite changed since you started playing with them?
I don't have the dlc myself and will have to buy the heros. But I can say coming into the dlc shaolin was the one for me. I wanted a monk since I started playing back in the beta. I had no interest in Tiandi what so ever. But after fiddling with them in training and seeing videos I am taking a big liking to Tandi.

10-21-2018, 11:33 PM
I know Raime,unfortunately. This forum is just full of salt and insults that it's kinda depressing because I'm enjoying Marching Fire so far. To be honest,I always liked Nuxia and that didn't change when I started playing her. I'm currently rep 2 with her and I find her style to be so much fun,especially when you're unpredictable and throw a random zone out of nowhere (and it works,too). I think that's what I like about her,she's unpredictable and can outsmart you if you underestimate her. My second favourite is definitely Jiang Jun because he's so good in team fights and his feats actually help your teammates by giving them damage/health,now that's what I call good feats. Not to mention that he has good feints and his kick is really useful,especially when you're near a wall so you get a full heavy. Too bad his character is what Lawbringer and Shugoki should have been,it makes me sad to think that the dev team doesn't even know how to rework Shug. I am happy that I decided to buy the expansion pack and help people know what they should expect from the new heroes (I've been uploading videos since the Open Test). My viewers are actually very kind and supportive,that makes me so happy because now I know that not every FH player is as bad as I expect (Dominion in a nutshell). I have met a lot of good players and bad players during Breach,but I enjoyed most of my matches because I can finally play the objective without worrying too much about the kills (I hated Dominion very much),even tho I get a lot of them since I'm an assassin and I should act like it. There are certain matches where my heart was pounding hard because it could have ended both ways,and the music helped me concentrate because it's so good. Maybe I'm being too optimistic,most people here would tell me that I've been paid by Ubi lol,but I don't care at all,as long as I enjoy what I'm playing. I'm having the fun of my life with this new update,I used to be depressed before the update because I would lose every Dominion match (gear stats),now I win most Breach matches because I can finally show my skill and destroy everyone. I know this is another walltext but,as I said,I enjoy Marching Fire too much and I wish everyone would look past the bad changes and see that the game got so much better than before.

10-21-2018, 11:42 PM
Glad you've been enjoying Breach, and thanks for your feedback on the heroes, the perk system, and the removal of the minion clearing animations. :)

No problem at all! Please,ignore the haters,you've been doing a wonderful job and you deserve much praise for that. Sure some changes are questionable,but that doesn't mean that the update is bad,it just means that we'll have to post some constructive feedback to improve the game experience. Personally I love the perk system concept because it encourages different builds. Truth is,it doesn't because some perks are useless while others are decent/good,and that needs to change. Gear stats system is gone for good and I should thank you for ending my suffering and giving me the fun of my life because now I can enjoy killing Orochis,Berserkers and Kenseis since they no longer rely on gear and they get so desperate when seeing me that they often run away lol.

10-22-2018, 01:06 AM
Perks are useless and gear could have bee just for the eyecandy factor implemented, no problem here. now i switch most of my gear into steel without a reson for it. i dont know for what the hell i should use the steel now, as i said i wont push my chars armor and weapon for useless perks good thing is i get all of my finisher rly fast.

10-22-2018, 03:17 AM
My second favourite is definitely Jiang Jun because he's so good in team fights and his feats actually help your teammates by giving them damage/health,now that's what I call good feats. Not to mention that he has good feints and his kick is really useful,especially when you're near a wall so you get a full heavy. Too bad his character is what Lawbringer and Shugoki should have been,it makes me sad to think that the dev team doesn't even know how to rework Shug

Funny you should mention that. When I first played the open test I played Shaolin exclusively because I loved the look of him right away and I intend to main him, but I had no interest in Jiang Jun whatsoever, until I saw his feats. As soon as I saw his feats and played around with him a bit I realised I had found my goto guy for Dominion and Breach. As you say, those are some great, team oriented feats. The designers weren't kidding when they said he's going to be a beast in team play.

10-22-2018, 05:58 AM
I personally think JJ can use some damage tone down. 20 damage on a 500ms light attack chain. 18 damage on a neutral 500ms light is a bit too much consider how fast the light is. He makes Shugoki/Lawbringer a joke of a heavy.

10-22-2018, 06:23 AM
I am loving the expansion so far as well other then the fact that the have yet to really acknowledge all the fan base on xbox one (me included) about the bug that came in the recent live-update that was supposed to fix everything, for the most part. but now almost all of the player base that bought the expansion or pre ordered it cannot play any of the new characters or the arcade mode because of it... I love this game I just wish their devs would show more interest in all of their fan base.... loved your thoughts on the expansion tho.

10-22-2018, 05:45 PM
I quite like that arcade is as tough as it is, it serves as a good warmup for PVP that way. Putting this into context, I am a decent player at best, I can be very hit and miss with my defence, but the breach matches I played after arcade my parrying was on point, 1v1 parries, external parries, multi parries, light parries, I was riding the level of focus I had needed to finish the arcade quest I had had before that.

I think that it is a good way for players to improve because they will go against opponents that they cannot just zerg rush with the added benefit that these opponents that punish them for bad play don't trash talk or teabag emote to rub it in.

10-22-2018, 06:45 PM
Hmm, i agree with most of what op said. Except Tiandi could use an unblockable finisher.
I play breach mainly these few days. Finally a mode that make playing your hero description worthwhile. The drum does make the battle more exciting, i was getting tired of minion’s cheesy cheers, but now “PROTECT THE RAM” is getting on my nerve, the only way shut them up temporarily is to escort the thing. The drum needs to be louder and stronger, though.
Arcade is fun to play. I like the mini stories. It can be a pain sometimes, when there are two PKs with unblockable and stun on hit.

10-23-2018, 09:34 AM
Great post. Can I sign up to 100%. A great addon. The new classes are great. I also like the visuals from the wu lin better than the samurais. Breach and Perks are also good things!