View Full Version : A couple things since MF

10-21-2018, 02:17 PM
Firstly, I know Marching Fire has only been out a week and I know practise and time are probably what is needed. However, I am annoyed and need to vent.

Opinions may change as time goes on, after reading, if you would like to discuss and have a conversation about my topics, I would gladly do so.

1. Someone once said 'Shoalin is like a ghost, he can be hit, but he will hit you. His lights seem unreactable.

2. Guan Yu, he hits hard and has good dodging properties and dodging attacks, however, for a heavy, he sure does hit fast.

3. Rolling away, it seems pointless if you can still be hit and if you do manage to dodge the attack, the second one will hit before you even come out of the roll. At least to me it is true.

4. Nuxia, she can not seem to block to save her life (literally), never mind parrying. Whenever she dodge attacks, she still seems to get hit.
Some times, Nuxia traps kid of glitch out of themselves. I'll perform the trap, it will do the trap attack, but then get pushed off while the enemy is at the end if their parry move. (So far, only happened with Guan Yu dude and Shaolin).

5. Do Tiandi know how to use a heavy attack? I have yet to meet one that uses a heavy.

I think that is all for now, I may or may not come back to rant again.

Have a good day 😁