View Full Version : Any way to play on NA servers? Brazil server isn't fun anymore.

10-21-2018, 02:03 PM
Hello everyone, I've been playing For Honor since its open beta and I was so in love with the game that I couldn't stop playing it even though it had several bugs back then. Everything went relatively fine until season 5 came out. When dedicated servers came out, I was so upset that Latin America got separated from NA servers. The dedicated servers are fine, but the thing is that there are no players on LA servers. I mean, there're, but I get to fight with the same people every match. I can barely play duels or brawls, and when I play dominion, I get to play against premade teams that have like 250+ rep and they always are synchronized. I gotta say it's pretty boring and I'd love to play in NA.
I've tried a couple of VPNs. but even having a paid one (like Vypr) it doesn't guarantee a good gameplay experience.

I wonder if you knew another way to avoid this region block. I'd love that Ubisoft would blend the NA and LA servers. It would immediately improve game experience quality and I'm sure that everyone in LA would agree to this.

Ps: I know ping is a problem, with VPN I get 80 ms almost all the time. In Dominion, you don't feel much difference, and I'm sure that with servers it would be even better.