View Full Version : Game Mode Revival/Improvement Ideas

10-21-2018, 03:55 AM
So we all know that some game modes are basically dead and others could do with a breath of fresh life. This thread is about suggesting new ideas to try and revive/improve older game modes. Here are mine:

I'll be blunt and say Skirmish needs to go, it basically offers nothing new and seems fairly unpopular.

Tribute: Add Defense Captains (say 3) to captured shrines to help protect shrines and scattered minions (and pikemen) to the map to keep it interesting. Also add a fourth offering.

Dominion: Remove kills as a way to score points for breaking enemies. Add Defense Captains (3) to each captured objective (including the minion one). Allow 3 offensive captains to assault the minion objective if your team doesn't own it.

As a side note: A slight damage improvement to all Dominion style minions.

Breach: Lower the Ram health and add numerous normal minions to the game.

Elimination: Remove Feats.