View Full Version : Duel Tournament

10-20-2018, 07:25 PM
I played 15 games, and got my rank, but then couldnt back out without losing rank. Why is this? Am I missing something?

The maps for the tournament need to be better, I played on Forge multiple times and it is a horrible map (among others) for 1v1. I got stuck fighting a Conqueror as Nobushi and you can guess how that went in a tight space.
The maps need to be open, its about the fight, not how many times you can bash/throw you opponent into the wall. I understand the use of your surroundings while fighting, but maps like Forge and that particular matchup as an example are too one sided, its luck of the draw. Any of the arena maps are perfect, they are open, but the wall can still be used if you get your opponent next to them.

Side note: why hasnt the Conquerors recovery time been adjusted yet...?