View Full Version : New Combat system ideas for Future AC

10-20-2018, 06:58 AM

With recent change to combat mechanics in Origin and Odyssey, the AC series is going on the route of the Warrior's Creed.
Current combat mechanic has proven interesting enough. However people may ask more after experiencing new games such as Sekiro or Ghost of Tsushima. Both seems to have more in depth sword combat system.

So my idea is that if AC franchise moves into era of platemails, new armour and weapon system could be applied.

1. Armour - Depending of the armour the level of protection will be different. I.e The only way to inflict DMG to full plated Knight with light-bladed weapons is to use certain warrior skills or assassin skills - like precision stabbing into the gaps between the armour. However you can deal DMG normally using Heavy Blunt weapons such as Morning-star or Mace.

Same level of protection applies to your character too. However you ability to perform parkour will be limited.

2. Maiming or crippling enemies - AC combat often involves 1 VS Many fights. Just to make combat more interesting and crisp. Damaging the legs to limit enemy's mobility, chopping off the hands with a sharp blade to disarm and braking bones using heavy Mace to maim would be interesting.