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10-19-2018, 04:06 PM
Hello everyone,

We'll be performing maintenance today starting at around 12pm EDT/4pm UTC and ending around 1pm EDT/5pm UTC.

This maintenance will resolve an issue that allowed players to have a trio E, F, G perk combination and adjust the rewards distributed in Arcade Mode.

Best regards,

Your For Honor Team.

EDIT: Patch Notes are here!


Arcade Rewards
• [Adjustment] Increased Loot frequency on all difficulties.
• [Adjustment] Minimum Completion Rewards were increased across all rarity levels:
o Minimum XP increased from 5 to 100.
o Minimum Steel increased from 0 to 9.
o Minimum XP increased from 8 to 110.
o Minimum Steel increased from 3 to 11.
o Minimum XP increased from 22 to 125.
o Minimum Steel increased from 3 to 13.
o Minimum XP increased from 24 to 150.
o Minimum Steel increased from 4 to 13.
o Minimum XP increased from 65 to 165.
o Minimum Steel increased from 11 to 23.

Developer comments: Based on the community feedback and the data gathered from the launch of Marching Fire, we saw that the rewards given by playing arcade mode were not on par with our initial intentions. Therefore, we increased the rewards to be closer to our rewards goal. The weight of the rewards are bigger upon completion than on the playtime.

• [Bug Fix] There was a mistake in some of our Legendary Refine II Gear that allowed for a combination of Perks that we did not intend.
o As part of our maintenance, we have changed the max points value of a few Legendary Refine II Gear. Refine II gear with the combinations E+F, F+G, or E+G will have a max value of 145 points instead of 150. No other gear combinations are affected.
• The issue:
o At launch, some Legendary Refine II gear gave 150 points to 2 of the last 3 Perks on the Hero’s set. As was pointed out on the competitive subreddit, this means that it is possible to activate the last 3 Perks of a hero’s set together with very specific gear.
o This is not what we had intended with the design and not what we had communicated to players. Crucially, Perks were not balanced with this combination in mind.
o In response, we have lowered the max value of these of gear from 150 points to 145 points to make this combination impossible.
o This only affects Legendary Refine II gear with points for E+F, F+G or E+G. If you have that gear looted, its values will automatically be adjusted.
• The future:
o This being said, we have been receiving a lot of interesting feedback from all of you on the Perk Effects & Combinations. We will be keeping an eye on how you all use Perks to see how we may want to evolve the combinations in the future.