View Full Version : @Ubi - Bounty Hunters Not Spawning

10-19-2018, 03:42 PM
Just wanted to let you guys know I have kept my bounty hunter wanted level maxed since its the easiest way to find them. But as far as the bug details. I have all helmets red on my wanted level and now no bounty hunters are spawning in the game anywhere. I can still kill mercenarys with the white helmets on the map but no bounty hunters in red are no where to be found. I relayed this to support with the full details. Just wanted yall to know directly. Thanks for the game. Its awesome!

10-19-2018, 04:00 PM
This is a well-known and old bug since launch, there are at least 2-3 threads about them on the first page alone.

Pretty much every player is bound to run into this bug sooner or later if they continuously kill the mercs hunting them (like all normal players would). The cause is found by this player here: https://www.reddit.com/r/assassinscreed/comments/9o1e6y/reason_for_mercenary_bounty_hunter_bug_found/?sort=new

As of now, we have no clue when this game-breaking bug will be fixed even though it's shipped with the game since launched and it's been reported for 2 weeks. There's no ETA for a fix yet even though it completely ruins the game for everyone who enjoys this bounty mechanism.