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10-19-2018, 07:39 AM
I can't wait till this game dies, because maybe then they will actually stop ***** footing around everything, so I can come back in like a year or 2 and finally have a good match xD ganking is a problem LIGHT SPAM IS A HUGEEE PROBLEM STOP ADDING FAST *** CHARACTERS THAT HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO SPAM, are you trying to kill your own game? Because that is EXACTLY what is going to happen the majority of us ARE NOT YOUR TOP 2% ON PC and nobody will read this because no one there really cares, or plays the ****ing game, all you all is just money hungry dumb ****s, well let me be the first to tell you, you'd make a ****ttt ton more money if you actually cared enough to balance your game, the majority of us are on console, hell balance the games separately stop being a bunch of money hungry lazy ******, if there were more games like for honor u guys would be outta mf business I swear y'all just lucky cuz this the only game of its kind, ffs fortnite devs listen to their player base more than you sad ****s, I can't get into a single breach game without getting ganked, along with light spam, or mix of both where people can just guard break me while the friend just spams me and gets free hits xD even if I counter it rofl, I play as conq and will literally go up against a light spamming orochi or whoever tf else, literally cannot do a single thing, I block a light stop the combo, throw out a light of my own only to get cut off by more light spam, that's not a problem to u?! And then they run out of stam and just back dash away while they regain because for some reason dodging and weaving doesn't waste stam? Okii, and no i can't party lights left and right cuz again WE ARE NOT YOUR TOP 2% ON PC, but that's ok, because u guys will realize to little to late and it'll all be worth it when you guys aren't ever able to develop a game again because no one will hire your sorry excuse of game devs :)

Ps:Love the game well not the game, the potential the game actually has

10-19-2018, 07:41 AM
Light spam has been a long standing complaint for most of the games life span. the game has not only survived but continued to grow. So you can claim that it's going to kill the population all you want. But historically speaking your claim has nothing backing it.

Also i'm a console player. And light spam hasn't been an issue for me since I got relatively good at the game. It's not the console. it's you.