View Full Version : You screwed w/ stamina management on new minion clear

10-19-2018, 04:28 AM
Aside from unique animations and satisfying clearance rates on most heros, the new "locked" mechanic not only has poor tracking (resulting in MANY missed attacks), but also exhausts you quicker.

Let me explain. Before on minion clearing, you chose to expend stamina to clear more minions based on situational positioning. Otherwise, you used the otherwise adequate minion-killing animations which required less stamina.

It sure was nice being able to choose. But now I wind myself too often due to poor tracking and this new perk system, it instantly become an undesirable experience. Whereas before at least we had the option to risk the lock-on stamina drain for positional slay-odds to this new "whiff" system where you waste stamina if you aren't close enough to the next minion.